Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Survivor Marriage: Long Island

In honor of St. Valentine's Day, which is coming up, I'd like to reflect on what I've learned on this reality show called "Surviving Marriage with Milk Man."

The "Til death do you part," promise also goes for his shredded L.L. Bean pull-over that is older than our relationship.

You will watch your husband personify the veggies on his dinner plate, making them perform a risque burlesque show and wonder, was I high when I said I do?

His obsession with 7-Eleven coffee might over-ride your need to give birth... if he is driving

His calm demeanor during squabbles may cause you to hurl objects at his head.

When he starts talking about dissertation graphs involving high-stakes testing in middle schools, just nod and smile to appear like you're following.

Winning an argument is not as important as finding a way to escape the children.

A great marriage means he fears you while sleeping.

If he complains about having no clean underwear, taping boxer shorts to the outside of the front door in winter may be an effective passive-aggressive way to solve his laundry dilemma


jenx67 said...

those were very funny - my favorite was the one about escaping the children!!

Brenda Jean said...

BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh man, this is so true and so dang funny. This one especially:

His calm demeanor during squabbles may cause you to hurl objects at his head.

I hate silence when I want to argue. I hate calm. I just want him to tell me I'm right. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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