Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brace Yourself: It's a SpongeBob Birthday

The princess and I went on a mission this past weekend to decorate the house for big brother's birthday party. Last year it was a pirate party, but this year he requested a SpongeBob SquarePants theme. I made a decision to host all my children's parties at home because I have the room to do it, and this party cost me about $100 for food and decorations. I think having parties at special places EVERY year can become hard to "top." By the time my kids graduate college, I'll have to pay Coldplay to land in my backyard by helicopter just to make the party interesting. (Okay, maybe not Coldplay, they'll be geezers by then, but you get the point.) I'm trying to keep life simple, so the big events stay special.

I think that if a child invites only his best friends, a birthday held at home can be really great. There were no scheduled activities. Big brother invited six friends, and along with his little sister and brother, they ran laps around the house for three hours. When it was all over, I was laughing madly and flogging myself with an empty pizza box. (That's what happens when you overdose on SpongeBob and preschoolers.) I cleaned for about two days. The pinata candy in the shower stall is still an unsolved mystery. It was worth the trouble, however, since the kids had a blast, and big brother declared this year's party "The BEST DAY EVER!"


Anonymous said...

an sneakin this on a borrowed computer and owner is hovering over me so i don;t ruin his computer toooo. love putz

Louise said...

Candy in the shower stall... hmmmm... preschoolers... hmmm... the mind boggles! You're a brave woman. VERY brave!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

And if he had a blast, that's all that matters! The room looks great and it sounds perfect. You might find chicken carcasses in your gutters one day if you start having teenage birthday parties (this really happened to me).

Mr. Norman Whiskers said...

Carcass in the gutters? Mmmmmm! Sounds splendid!

jenx67 said...

we only do at-home parties these days.

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