Monday, February 16, 2009

The Up Side of Amageddon

Tucking in the princess tonight we go through the usual routine. Feety pajamas are zipped, followed by a goodnight kiss, then a simulated bungee jump into her bed. Her comforter is imprinted with Holly Hobbie. It was mine when I was three. Imagine 31 year-old softness. After I got married I went back to my parents' house to pick it up. Wherever that blanket rests is home, and now it's on the princess' bed, as she smiles and clutches a Sippy cup of ice water. It's time for her bedtime story.
I read The Itsy Bitsy Spider, then Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends. I go to leave, but she grabs me by my pajama sleeve. We forgot to discuss how much we both despise spiders.

"I know they look cute in the book, but I still want to crush them because they are BAD in real life!" In her sweet little girl voice, she accentuates the word crush. It's as funny and odd-sounding as when I curse like a sailor.

I'm laughing and staring at the princess as she talks, wondering if I was ever so enchanting as a child. I'm allergic to spiders, and she is a chip off the old block. It doesn't matter what she's saying, I watch her expressions and hand movements with the love and awe only a parent knows. She is dainty, and so graceful, but secretly fierce. I imagine she will make an amazing woman one day.

I interrupt her soliloquy about her disdain for eight-legged creatures. "Princess, You ARE a beautiful girl. Do you know that?"

She smiles and laughs, then says, exasperated, "A-Course I do, Mommy!"

This child is not lacking in the area of self esteem. I smile. "How did you get so beautiful? I wonder if I will EVER get as stunning as you are." I say, playfully.

The princess looks pensive, then an idea lights up her face. She moves in close to my ear and whispers, "Jesus made me beautiful, Mommy."

"Oh," I say, savoring this angelic statement. She continues.

"Maybe,...when Jesus comes back, maybe... he'll stop at our house and make you this beautiful too."

I guess that's one reason to witness the End of Time. As I turn on the night light and leave her room, I cannot help laughing.
"Ya know, princess, God made spiders too. They are His work of art." I say.
"Oh, silly mommy! That was just an accident! ...Like when big brother drew circles on his wall with the green crayon."
I walk out of her room, stunned. I can't believe she just said something so mature, and so funny?! A few minutes later, as I stand in front of the bathroom mirror brushing my teeth, I wonder if the government knows I cloned myself.
Picture is from that above-mentioned bug cartoon. Where's my fly swatter?!


rhymeswithplague said...

Hello, Loren, I'm a first-time reader/commenter. I love this post and also "Real Love Involves Sacrifice" and "I Went to College to be an Elf"! I found your blog through Putz (David in Utah), but I don't know how I found Putz.

You have an excellent blog; I'm sure I will return often. After a year and a half on my own blog, I'm still a rank beginner, not worthy to untie your shoes.

Bob Brague
Canton, GA

Putz said...

me too, not worthy to untie your and i think the same...i know that princess and dan{read my latest blog}are wise beyound the years...old souls as we call them and we get to enjoy them here on this earth ...they are pure and i love purity, nothing better in this earth than purity and tell princess that spiders generally are pure too, even though they seem to be a mistake...putz is probably a mistake too, but don't believe it although strange i am old's and god's greatest creation you remember me. sat upon your knee, well i'm a grown up now, but i can still ya putz and so does bob brauge up above me from canton ga and i love him too

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Great post! I would send this one somewhere.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Putz, there was a plaque in my public elementary school that said "God don't make no junk". I'm sure they've taken it down now due to the ACLU but it's true. Every human being is special in his or her own way and you were no mistake!

Loren Christie said...

Thank you Jim, Putz and Elizabeth for your comments. Jim, I am NOT, I repeat, NOT worthy of that compliment, but it sure made me feel good. Thanks for visiting! :)

Brenda Jean said...

At our house we love spiders OUTSIDE...we call them our garden friends that eat bad bugs. We don't like bad bugs, so we like spiders. I love bedtime stories, even though Emily is 8 now we've saved picture books just for bedtime reading. The cool thing is she now reads to me the books I read to her when she was tiny:)

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