Saturday, March 21, 2009

Conservatives Swarm Downtown Huntington

Today during our "paid escape," Milk Man and I go to Huntington, a town on the North shore of Long Island, for lunch. We eat at Osteria Da Nino, a great little Rustic Italian restaurant. As soon as I look at the menu I know it is going to be good, because it includes dishes that sound so romantic in Italian, but are a bit different. This is the type of food that made me fear the pot on my grandmother's stove, because I was too young and foolish to really appreciate it, or get past the visual of what it actually was. Caciocavallo- Mmmm, but in the middle of a mouthful you find out it means "horse cheese," or Coppa- it's salame made from a pig's head. My grandmother even utilized the weeds that grew in the cracks in the driveway. They were excellent breaded and fried. (I love you grandma LaCapria.) I play it safe ordering Cozzo (mussels) and Shrimp Scampi.

We are planning to go to the Bookrevue after lunch, a book store a few blocks away. Mark Levin is there signing his new book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, along with Sean Hannity. Milk Man is a big fan of these guys. He's been imagining his conversational banter with Levin and Hannity all week. I think he might love them more than baseball, or maybe even me. Fortunately/Unfortunately, we never get in the door. We do however, witness a beautiful freak of nature as we enjoy our rustic meal. Hundreds, maybe a few thousand people line up for three blocks to meet these guys. Passersby stop to gawk at the line. The waitress in the restaurant peers out the picture window.

"Have you ever seen so many Conservatives in one place before? I didn't think there were that many around here. " she says, frowning.

"It's a sign from above. There's HOPE for CHANGE!" I exclaim. (Not such a popular thing to say, but I am swept up in the moment.)

Here is a picture of today's line to get into the Bookrevue.


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Wow! I didn't think there were that many conservatives around here either! I also love to go to an Italian restaurant on the rare occasion we go out. No factory-made, frozen, micro-zapped meals for me, thank you! We go to a small family owned placed called Lombardi's and I always order seafood.

jenX67 said...

kind of off subject, but i like to see the everyday, ordinary picture of a different part of the world i never get to - especially this tiny parcel of America.

Loren Christie said...

Hi Jen!
I'll put more of my neck of the woods for you in a future post.

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