Saturday, March 28, 2009

M-Lo the Trendsetter

J-Lo wore her parachute pants to the airport. People gasped. What caused her to fall off the fashion wagon? She's a mother of twins. Maybe she's feeling a bit off-balance. Ask me how many times I've scrambled to cover my body and get my children taken care of before the school bus rolled down the street, ending up in the home-made scissor-cut neckline champion sweatshirt from my Flash Dance phase and neon blue spandex shorts that should have been outlawed in 1991? Plenty! The good news is that I'm not a celebrity, so the chuckle is between Don the bus driver and I, and not the world.

Poor J-Lo. Public humiliation: that's the price of fame. It's funny that in the picture she doesn't look the least bit frazzled. Given, she has nannies, hairstylists, personal shoppers, chefs, maids, and spokespersons parading around with her through life. Yet, she chooses to wear the 20 year-old pants brazenly in public.

She's laughing, maybe thinking, "Say whatever you like, I'm J-Lo," or, "Oh crap! I wore the wrong pants! Quick! Look carefree!" Perhaps she's trying too hard to look normal for mommies everywhere.

J-Lo inspires me. The next time I feel unkempt or rushed, which is inevitably coming soon, I will throw on a pair of shades and laugh madly as I snap my self-portrait with my cell phone. Maybe I'll even launch a new perfume, Essence of Wearing the Same Dirty Sweatshirt All Week by M-LO. (That would be my hip celebrity nickname meaning: Mommy Loren.) See, if I think I'm that cool, I bet I can start a trend, just like J-Lo.


Caity said...

I don't get the whole thing with fashion. It's not like she went out looking all disheveled. They are pants and while they might not be pants that everyone is currently wearing I think they look fine. I agree with you - it should be an inspiration not only to mothers who should not have to worry what they wear, but just to everyone who shouldnt' have to worry about what they wear.

Oh, and I love that perfume scent. I'd totally buy that.

Milk Man said...

J-lo and and I have something in common. She took out a liability policy on her rear-end I took one out on what defines me; my double-chin.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Funny - when I looked at the picture and the title I thought maybe parachute pants were coming back in. She manages to look fabulous in anything because she's got attitude, and anything a celebrity wears is considered "hot" just because it's on them. Some people can walk around in sweatshirts and jeans and look great while others look dowdy - it's all in how they carry themselves, I think.

Angela said...

That's hilarious. There has been many a day when I have thought as I left the house, "Thank God I am not a celebrity and don't have paparazzi taking my picture!" I would not want to hear what they would say about a few of my fashion choices. That would be a little rough I think!

Putz said...

`what can a person do when what one says embarasses the one?????

Loren Christie said...

Hi Angela! Mr. Putz, Maybe Karmalee is upset when you spend time blogging. Maybe if you just limited it to a half hour...As far as embarrassing people...I have been told that I do it too. That's what happens when you write honestly. I just pull the posts that people complain about to respect them. I don't mean to harm anyone, I'm just being myself. I think you do the same, and if you really need to write on your blog, then you should have a heart-to-heart talk with Karmalee about how you can still do it, while maintaining respect for her wishes. :)

Loren Christie said...

One more thought Mr. Putz: What about inviting Karmalee to write about her memories, or YOU on your blog. Then the blogging might be something you could share...

Putz said...

...riddle...IDEA squeesed[SNEAKED] into middle of fourth blog on defunct putz blog

Dear Internet Traveler,

Welcome to my writer's blog, started about six years ago for fun. Over time, the writing I have posted has ranged from personal reflection, to Long Island history research, to tall tales for my own amusement, to feature articles for local newspapers. As you can see from topics listed here, I travel in many mental directions in regard to interests. Click on the tabs and labels to explore my strange mind which senses that you may be having a criss-cross day. If so, perhaps this blog will distract you. However, please note that if you tell me my blog is beautiful just to get me to advertise rhinoplasty surgery and cheap drugs from Canada in your comment, I will ask the gods to give you a tail that cannot be concealed.


Loren Christie

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