Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Gratitude List

The chocolate sacrifice just didn't work out. I know I'm a weak and pathetic human being. I'll just stick to no meat on Fridays. As a way of fulfilling a new and BETTER Lenten promise, I've decided to work on looking at life through a Christ-centered lens. To help me think from a perspective of thankfulness, I'm posting a list on Mondays. Today is my day to start "feasting on gratitude." Any bloggers out there who would like to follow suit are tagged, and it would be great if you mentioned Dude, Where Am I? in your post! Then send me a message that you made a Gratitude List so I can visit you. Readers, if you do not have a blog, I'd love to hear what you are grateful for this week in a comment. Thanks for visiting me!

Gratitude List:

  1. outdoor chores like yard clean-up because I get to see all the signs of spring and get some fresh air

  2. Yoplait Whips yogurt in chocolate mousse

  3. dwarf affection, and the very funny dwarf language

  4. children who proclaim that I am the "greatest mommy dude ever" and the "most beautiful queen of mommies." (I never thought I'd be grateful for being called a dude.)

  5. the color green

  6. my beautiful, comfortable house

  7. organized closets

  8. being healthy and energetic enough to get chores done

  9. Belly Blaster 10 minute workouts that fix squishy ABS!

  10. a half hour break with a book on my favorite chair with Mr. Norman Whiskers

  11. Thomas the Train DVDs that distract the dwarf and put him to sleep

  12. a new sewing table and a new quilt in the works that I'm NOT giving away

  13. M&M's

  14. Chocolate flavored tea

  15. all other substances made up of sugar

  16. Microsoft Outlook Calendar and the little bell chime

  17. my vacuum- don't laugh, ( Vacuums make the world a better place.)

  18. feeling safe, warm, content, full

  19. being in a position where my feet are firm enough on the ground that I can help others

  20. a school bus driver who stops in front of my house because he wants to make my life easier


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Great list, especially number 20! Our first year I had to wrap up the baby and walk the kids to the bus stop and wait for a half hour, because he'd either come early or late. Finally the driver told me I could call the school district and request a home pickup. It's made a huge difference in my life.

SpaGirl Jenn said...

Mmmmmmm, chocolate! It's not even 7am where I am and now I need chocolate!!!!! LOL!!!!

I think I am getting ready to go this! I love this idea =-)


Loren Christie said...

Thank you SpaGirl! I'll visit you later when I have some more time.

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