Thursday, March 12, 2009

Secret #5: You Are a Masterpiece

To My Children,

There is so much I want to be sure that I give you before you leave the nest and fly away, so to speak. The media and modern society will attempt to lower your self esteem, and focus your attention on the shallow aspects of your existence. Attempt to switch your point of view from looking inward to looking up. This practice is one that I struggle with daily. Look at your life from the correct perspective: as a gift. You are a masterpiece, and God is the artist who created you.

In a letter to the Corinthians St. Paul writes:
"Do you not know that you are a temple of the Holy Spirit, who dwells within you? You are not your own."

As a Catholic, you believe that you do not own your physical body. It is a gift, and you are the caretaker of the building in which your soul dwells. You must always treat yourself and others with respect and dignity.

This idea reminds me of the china I inherited from daddy's grandmother. Every time I use it I think about how I have to keep it safe from damage. Although it did not really come from the Mayflower, as some relatives will tell you, it is still a precious gift that is passed down from one generation to another. This is how it also is with God's gift of life.

Secondly, you are perfect just as you are. As long as you keep your body healthy, there is no reason to alter yourself physically in any way. God made you as you should look, and it is wonderful.

When daddy and I were engaged an artist painted a picture of me in my wedding gown. I know you know the picture. One day the artist called me into his studio to see his unfinished work. I was a little startled to see a portrait of myself. The first thing I said was:

"I love it, but can you change my nose a bit?"

I said this because I feel insecure at times about my appearance. (Everyone does sometimes.) He refused.

"Your nose fits your face perfectly. Why would I change the original you?" He laughed, and he was right.

Advertisements will bombard you with the message that you are physically less than perfect, but it is all a lie. Be content with yourself and don't fall prey to the pressure. Pray secretly for emotional strength and confidence.

Love Forever,


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I always used to hate my nose (thought it was too big) but somehow I got used to it. I also hated my haircolor. When I read Anne of Green Gables for the first time, I wanted her red hair because it was different, noticeable, not just plain boring brown. I used to go to bed wishing I would wake up with red hair! But now I wouldn't have it any other color.

Loren Christie said...

Hi Elizabeth, You are beautiful in looks and spirit. I mean that!

Sandra said...

What a wonderful letters to your children. I'm glad that mine inspired you. Thanks for visiting.

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