Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hell Hound's Weekend Update: Maybe I'm the Next Ron Howard

Hello odorless, non-edible television device that mesmerizes humans. I've decided to get into showbiz and try my paw at directing my own reality cartoons starring myself. I think that in this depressed economy, humans will enjoy watching me get abused emotionally and physically by a cat every day. Also, this is a good opportunity for me to further document the atrocities committed against me, and chickens in the Christie household. Here is the screen play for my first short reality cartoon entitled:

E! Channel's new reality series: "Keeping Up with Hell Hound"

The scene is a den and a large wooden table adorned with yummies such as candy-flavored road kill and unhatched chicken children in cartons. Alpha dog and her litter of humans are decorating the eggs in preparation for HUMAN CONSUMPTION. (Write that down, PETA.) Meanwhile, dog is waiting for the chance to raid the table.

Ready: Action!

Dog sees table. Dog sits under table looking casual, with droopy eyes. Dog has no particular reason whatsoever for sitting directly under a child, who is waving his hard boiled egg in the air. Dog attempts to appear sleepy, yawning/swallowing child's egg and fist. Child screams. Dog coughs up egg and points to cat with paw. Cat snort-laughs. Dog gets pulled by the ear to the door and is thrown outside into the cold. Cut to a close-up of Dog tasting bitter rain drops. (Notice the intense drama here.)

Dog wails and howls in the yard. Next door is an old cemetery,(suspense builds here). Dog attempts to conjure up the souls of her Hell Hound ancestors. Skeleton leans over fence and smacks dog. (Insert laugh track.) Cat, watching from window, snickers again. Cat presses an advertisement from the Pennysaver on the glass window. Dog moves closer to read it. It is a chance to pose nude to protest humans wearing fur coats. Dog is inspired! Surely this stunt will increase ratings. Dog pulls out cell phone and applies for the modeling position.

At the photo shoot dog is dressed in a robe. Cat is behind a large camera, waiting to snap pictures of dog. Dog drops the robe and smiles, but feels a bit chilly, and self-conscious. (Her rear is so big from eating stolen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that it practically swallows up her tail). (Flashback to Cat soaking the robe in NAIR.) Dog screams like a lady. It turns out that Dog would rather wear FUR than be naked.

"I can't do this," Dog barks, storming off set. Dog loses modeling contract.

Camera pans in on dog's droopy eyes. Sad, sad dogs on violins are cued. Cat is smiling in an evil fashion.

Cut to end credits. (Remember to thank PETA)

(Stay tuned for the next episode of Keeping Up with Hell Hound. Claws fly when the pets fight over title rights to Cat's new perfume, and Alpha Dog suggests Hell Hound is overweight.)


Caity said...

Haha you are so clever. I always enjoy your Hellhound updates. They always give me a much needed chuckle. :)

Mr. Norman Whiskers said...

My Lady is giving away Hell Hound free to anyone getting married in June. Interested Caity? :)
Hell Hound, don't think your Ron Howard, but maybe Steve-O from Jackass. Heard there's a spot for you on Dancing with the Stars.

Bear Midnight Miller said...

Glad to hear from you again Hell Hound! I don't know about you but I'm glad this Fish on Friday thing is over. I like chicken much better. Although Mr. Whiskers probably likes fish.

Mr. Norman Whiskers said...

For your information, "Bear" who is really just a dog, I have spent many hours listening to Billy Joel's songs about his boat while gazing at a fish tank, and so I consider myself to be one of the last great Long Island fishermen. I have been known to catch shrimp as they fall from the sky in the kitchen. I love this house.

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