Thursday, April 30, 2009

Milk Man is Voted "Cutest Man of the Year"

Of course, I know that there are many gentlemen out there who deserve this award, but since I own this blog, and I am the sole judge of this biased contest, I pick Milk Man, (my husband). After all, People magazine does the same thing. Let me explain. Last night on the little league field I fell in love for the five billionth time with Milk Man, watching him coach tee-ball.

Let me tell you, he was intense and it was hysterical. While other teams were running around in chaos, Milk Man had his ten players in a huddle, showing them the proper way to hold the baseball, throw the baseball, hold the bat, swing the bat. Then he had them run the bases and he taught them about field positions. He was in his glory, like Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own, prepared to make real baseball players out of these little, clueless pip-squeaks. He showed no special treatment for big brother, and my son never listened so well to his dad. (Maybe Milk Man should wear his coach hat more often.) Finally they had a little game and I had to chuckle at a comment from a parent I overheard.

"I thought they were never gonna just put the ball on the tee and hit it!"

Oh, she'll get to know Milk Man soon enough. At the end of the practice he handed out packs of baseball cards to all the kids. It was adorable. He was so cute. Oh yeah, big brother was too. :)

The little red-hooded rascal in the bottom picture is baby Bigfoot.


Milk Man said...

I'm thinking about 5am practices!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I love it! Although we wear Mets caps in our family :)

Loren Christie said...

That's good Milk Man, big brother is up anyway. Hi Elizabeth, We discussed the fact that you and yours are Mets Fans at a family meeting and decided we would overlook your choice to love "the wave" over "the Babe." Afterall, no one is perfect. :)

Putz said...

sounds like milkman has a profound impact on "the kids"...maybe like me he can have a blog where he directs all his efforts to his grandkids....your request has been granted and pictures of my blow wave, zigzag sweater and shoes in ocean await on putzys blog

Loren Christie said...

Thank you Mr.Putz! I will go there directly for a good laugh!

jen said...

Life in America! we are blessed.

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