Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Letter ...Continued, Part 4 Another Twist!

It had been about seven months since Tom reconnected with Darcy via an online social network, where he had discovered that this old flame was anything but an old bag. She was, in fact, rather well-maintained. They had met a few times at her psychiatry practice after hours, and multiple drinks led to a bad case of amnesia as to Tom's marital status.

Tom rationalizes the affair. Sherry is focused entirely on her antique business. She is antiquated in her thinking and frumpy, just like the junk in her shop. On the other hand, Darcy is unusually beautiful, divorced, a health nut with the body of a much younger woman. After finding out Darcy's profession, Tom reveals to her over mango Margaritas that it was just a short time after he married Sherry that he discovered that she teetered on the edge of sanity. Of course, originally this is a lie intended to gain Darcy's sympathy. Now the lie is propelling him forward into an exciting future. He can get rid of Sherry, maintain part-ownership of the shop and wildly successful online business with his son Jack, while he travels the world with Darcy, living out a second youth.

"Who could blame me?" He wonders, calling her from his cell phone in the upstairs bathroom.

Darcy is on a treadmill at the gym when her phone rings. "What's up, honey?"

"It's about Sherry, my wife." There's an awkward pause. Darcy wonders if Sherry's found out about her, or perhaps Tom has filed for divorce, like he promised.

"Sherry may be...getting worse. I want to know if she can make an appointment with you."

"What? For a consult? Don't you think that is dumb being that we're ...together?"

"Why Darcy? You're a licenced psychiatrist with your own practice. I'm thinking you can cut past all of that clinical stuff and prescribe something for her. Something strong."

"WHAT?" Darcy drops the phone.

As it hits the floor of the gym, the call shifts to speaker phone. She pounces on it and puts it back to her ear. "I can't just prescribe psychotropic drugs for a person who doesn't need them." She whispers.

Tom sighs."Some stuff has happened and I think it's time to go ahead with the situation we talked about. I'm thinking that hospitalization may even be in the future for Sherry. Under your professional care, that is..."

"Oh wow, what happened? Did she have some sort of breakdown?"

"I'm afraid it's even worse than that. She's becoming violent. I think she may be dangerous to herself or others. You should see what she did to her shop last night." Tom sighs again, because it seems like the normal thing to do.

"Oh, Tom honey, I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. I know how much you used to love her. It's hard when someone you love becomes someone you don't even recognize. You know you could....just file for divorce."

Tom tries to appear like he's struggling with the decision, although he is completely indifferent. He has an uncanny ability to change emotions like a chameleon to garner the reactions he desires from others. This is precisely what he was doing yesterday with the cop who questioned Sherry's sanity. He acted as others expected him to act, the collective perception of normal.

"I can't bring myself to do it now that she is spiraling down into illness again. Wait until you hear what she says about some letter. Now she's seeing ghosts."

Darcy fights to keep disappointment and growing resentment out of her tone.

"If he really is interested in a relationship, then he would go through with a divorce." She thinks.

"Alright, I'll see her." Darcy says after a pause.

Later, back on the treadmill, Darcy is deep in thought. Her anger slowly melts into something that resembles blind affection. Someone has to free this gentle, beautiful man from the burden of living in constant mental turmoil.

"My heart goes out to him, caring for Sherry for all of these years, and dealing with the loneliness that comes with that sacrifice." She thinks.

(Dear readers, I twisted it even more! Are you surprised? Well, I don't know about you, but now I despise Tom's character. This is getting like those mid-afternoon Soaps that I can't watch because of a skinny dude with a fuzzy orange hat. Hey, this may be dumb, but fiction is fun! More later if I have time. This story will end tomorrow. I hope it's not what you expect. Thank you to GT, Mr. Brague, Mr. Putz and Milk Man for encouraging me to continue it for the whole week. It really gives me something substantial to analyze and improve in regard to my writing. Click on the label "letter" at the top of the story to see all four entries. - Loren)


Anonymous said...

The plot thickens... Keep it coming!


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

This "other woman" is not just immoral; she is unethical! According to the Ethics course I had to take as a Psychology student she very clearly could not take this woman on as a patient. I hope there is Victorian justice for all in the end :)

Loren Christie said...

Yes, I agree Elizabeth. I created Darcy horrid and driven by infatuation.

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