Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Life As Norman Whiskers: Shaving and Laughing Hairballs

Last night my Lady was reading a kid's book about Ancient Egypt to big brother, and I overheard something interesting. When a pet cat died in Ancient Egypt, its owners shaved their eyebrows off in mourning. I later asked my Lady if she would make that sacrifice for me when I passed over the rainbow bridge.

"No way" she said decidedly.

Later, during my bedtime prayer, I told God I would let the groomer shave my head if He would drop a steak on the rainbow bridge for Hell Hound. Then I wouldn't have to get rid of her myself and feel so guilty. My Lady overheard my words, but she did not scold me. Interesting!

This site (below) is awesome and I put it over on my Lady's sidebar. It makes me laugh up hairballs and I go to it every morning during breakfast. All you cats in the office right now, I'm sure you can relate to this one:

-Norman Whiskers


Bear Midnight Miller said...

Did somebody say steak? Where is that rainbow bridge? I can't see so well now I'm advancing in years.

Stefunkc said...

Norman, I'm becoming quite a fan! Am I'm not even a cat person:)

Caity said...

I love Norman Whiskers posts! This one is super cute. I never knew that about Egypt either!

Thanks for all the comments lately, Loren. I appreciate them. I am getting a bit stressed and nervous but I'm confident that everything will come together in the end. :D

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