Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mom Writer's Literary Magazine at BlogHer Chicago

Dear Readers,

I'm very excited to be attending the BlogHer Conference in Chicago this July where I will be selling subscriptions and advertising space for Mom Writer's Literary Magazine. This is my first time at a conference for bloggers, and I've heard it is the largest one offered for blogging women. I have read quite a bit about attendees who are promoting products by various sponsors at the conference, and I'd love to do this too! It would be fun to wear a product, or maybe film an informal video commercial for a product at one of the cocktail parties at BlogHer. I would really enjoy blogging about these experiences later.

Here is some information about me for potential sponsors:
I am a mother of three young children, strongly grounded in my faith and well-educated. In addition to spreading the word about MWLM, I'm interested in promoting clever products that reinforce the idea that a woman is not defined by any particular role. She is rather, a multifaceted human being with many layers of experience. If you think I am a fit for promoting your product at BlogHer Chicago, contact me at or leave a comment here.

Although Mom Writer's Literary Magazine is not sponsoring my trip, this publication has helped me as a writer and blogger in multiple ways. As a new blogger in March 2008, the staff of MWLM included my writing on their site, and helped me attract an audience of faithful readers. The staff members at MWLM are talented and published writers. Networking with them has provided me with a great deal of encouragement as a writer and support as a mother.

Mom Writer's Literary Magazine promotes the idea that motherhood is literary. It is motherhood expressed as visual art and literature. MWLM showcases mothers with a passion for writing. My first column Welcome to My Circus appeared in the Spring/Summer 2009 print and online version of MWLM. I am so thrilled to be a part of the MWLM team and it is my pleasure to represent this great magazine at BlogHer 2009 in Chicago.

I'd like to invite you to subscribe to Mom Writer's Literary Magazine. We are offering a Summer Special right now, 25% off the subscription price. If you are not a mom, I bet you know one who would appreciate this publication. You can also call toll free 877-382-6771 to order.

If you have a blog or a business, MWLM is a great place to advertise. Mom Writer's Literary Magazine has ranked for the past three years in Writer's Digest Top 101 Websites for Writers. Online MWLM has over 65,000 unique viewers monthly. For $75 your blog or business ad will be posted on our Marketplace page for six months. Our print magazine offers bloggers 1/4 page ad in our Fall/Winter 2009 issue for $50. Full rate information is located here. Contact me at to place your ad.

If you are going to BlogHer I hope to meet you!

I'll Be Wearing Cute Shoes


Loren Christie


Heathen Mom said...

Thanks for the link to the magazine. I had not heard of it before. It looks very interesting.

jenX said...

What a blessing that you get to attend this conference. I wish I were going so I could meet up with you. Will you take notes and bring back all their secrets to success? Traveling mercies.

Loren Christie said...

Welcome Heathen Mom! Very funny name, by the way. Jen, I wish you were going too. Yes, I'm always the one taking notes. :)

Koala Bear Writer said...

Hope everything goes well at the conference, Loren! Looking forward to hearing about it later. :)

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I wish I could go to but it's the same weekend as my wedding anniversary and my daughter's 3rd birthday! (Oh yeah I realize now you can't come to her party, but maybe the rest of the family can.) This is a really cool carnival that maybe I'll do in the future. Thanks so much for what you said about me. You have always been equally encouraging!

Karrie said...

The countdown begins! Wishing you a great trip to the windy city-- hopefully you can really share your wonderful blog and mom writer's literary magazine with lots of folk. Schmooze for me. We've got a big b-day weekend, too. Someone's turning 8, someone's turning *gulp* 32.

Loren Christie said...

I hope you enjoy the birthday parties Karrie. I will try schmoozing, but I will really enjoy snoozing without sleeping in a dwarf bed.

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