Friday, July 10, 2009

Say It Forward Friday

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Say It Forward – Carnival of Loyal Commenters is a new weekly carnival at 5 Minutes for where I can feature my loyal commenters and read about featured commenters on other blogs.

First I'd like to feature Elizabeth from The Divine Gift of Motherhood. She has commented on just about every post I've ever written. Her encouragement as a blogger and parent has really boosted me. Here's how Elizabeth describes her blog:

"A Catholic write-at-home mother of four from Long Island, shares poetry and prose about the family life and other topics of interest."

Here's a comment from Elizabeth, who has also become my good friend. We have a lot in common. She probably knows me the best out of all commenters.

"You have me in stitches over here! I'm sorry you had such a bad morning but you made my night. If that makes any sense at all. I hope it does :)"

Next I'd like to highlight a commenter who is not a blogger, but a friend of mine from college, GT. He often sparks further discussion on my posts, and I really appreciate his readership.

Here's something GT said once in regard to one of my faith-related posts that really made my day:

"In the many years between our last conversations from our SJC days and our recent re-acquaintance via Facebook, one of the lasting memories I had of you was how you approached your faith and how genuine it appeared to me as someone who to this day struggles with it. This passage really captures it in a beautiful way. It's nice to know that you still hold that point of view and that you are willing to share with and inspire the rest of us out here in cyberspace.-GT"

Finally I'd like to mention Jen at Are You There God? It's Me Generation X. Jen has taught me so much about designing a blog and networking with others through the information she shares on her site. Here's what Jen says about herself and her blog:

"i live in oklahoma city. this blog is a quiet revolution. it's about Generation X (those former latchkey kids born between 1961-81) at the intersection of faith and culture. i write about marriage, family, kids, career, culture, God, religion, politics, and sometimes, oklahoma. "

Here's a comment from Jen that really made me smile:

"Loren, more than any other blogger on the planet, I connect with your passion for Jesus and the Christian walk. And, I read a lot of blogs...I wish we lived closer. =)"

I'll be thanking three more commenters next Friday. Forgive me if I left you out this week. There are several more commenters that I want to thank publicly here. I really appreciate all of your comments and I promise I will highlight you in the future. Have a great weekend!

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