Monday, April 12, 2010

Words of Wisdom From The Queen of Buttons

My gym membership expired a few months ago, and in an effort to save money, I decide to start using the trail in back of my house. The upside is that it runs along a lake. The weird part it is that it is a winding gravel road in a cemetery. When I am alone the scenery is an effective catalyst for running. I just imagine I'm being chased by zombies. It's very good exercise, and a bit of a mental adventure. I can run or walk a mile in eight laps. Last week I thought I heard doo-wop music coming from a grave and my imagination almost gave me a heart attack. Leave it to me to die from an acute case of creative exercise. I can see my tombstone now:

Here lies Loren
She had way too much time on her hands

Actually, today I'm not running, just walking and pulling a wagon containing two of my children while the oldest is in school. The sound of the plastic wheels churning on gravel is loud enough to wake the neighbors, but I'm sure the non-stop questions and general banter of pre-schoolers will keep the zombies at bay. Princess is talking to herself; she brought her magic wand along with her for the ride. Every once in a while her little brother grabs it out of her hand and wacks her over the head, affectionately. Her voice bellows over the rumbling wheels. Her sentences run on and on as long as the twisting path, till I'm hearing her little girl life story in my sleep. It's like the replay button is jammed in my head and she won't stop talking.

"I am The Queen of Buttons. I love circles; they are my favorite shape. That's because I love buttons. Your welcome for meeting me, Mama. I fly; I play on the computer and sometimes, I take care of my babies. I love circles because they are around and around and they don't have any sides, just like my little brother's head."

People, like relatives, friends with grown children, and neighbors tell me that years from now I will miss this stage of my children's development. Someday I will long to remember these amusing infant conversations. This is partly why I write everything down. It's my note in a bottle.

"Sit down, baby. No standing in the wagon," I say to my youngest. I stop the wagon and he looks offended. It appears that Baby Bigfoot, who is about to turn three years old, is entering an identity crisis.

"Me not a baby. Me BOY. I drive the RowRow in my BOY seat fast to my house. Me not, not a baby, I, I, I am BOY, Mama." (scowl)

"Alright, then. Sit down, BOY," I say, thinking hey, it worked for the Waltons in TV land.

Boy smiles. "Ok," he replies, sitting. We continue.

The Queen of Buttons picks up where she left off in her femine odyssey. "I fly around and attack-ed all of the evil weeds. That is how I save the day, Mama. And then I dance like a beautiful dream. Oh, and mostly, I look for circles. My favorite thing is cleaning and I love being Queen of Buttons and finding circles all day. I practice dancing with my baby brother like I will do when I get maa-read with a boy. Mama, why do people put their bodies in the ground under the stones?"

Well, I should have expected that question would sneak into the story. I try to stall, pretending I didn't hear.


I figure I better answer my yelling daughter before some annoyed deceased person does.

"When bodies break, or get sick and do not work anymore souls don't need them. Our souls leave our bodies and go away to live with God. So people bury bodies to remember them out of love." I explain.

The Queen of Buttons is quiet. That means her little brain is processing. Meanwhile, BOY is staring down the hole in the bottom of the wagon as it rolls along.

"Oh, That's right, Mama," my daughter suddenly shouts. "Like when SpongeBob didn't need his round pants anymore because his body was square, and he kept them in a safe place."

"Yes! That's exactly what I mean." I say, thinking, I knew that cartoon was educational.

-A little joy ride in the backyard.


Putz said...

she seems to have some rhythm in her dance, where did she get that from???????

Loren Christie said...

Hi Mr. Putz,
She's taken dance class since two years old- and loves it.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful explanation of the mortality of life and the immortality of the soul. Was that something you heard before or did you come up with that on the fly?


Loren Christie said...

Hi G,
It's what I was taught as a child and what I have seen re-afirmed in literature and poetry. Nature hints at this theory in many ways, for example, the evolution of the butterfly and the snake shedding its skin. It's my "from the gut" belief. Thanks for commenting :)

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I love this! We will have to join you for a walk around the graveyard sometime soon. This sounds weird but - sounds like fun!

Loren Christie said...

Sure Elizabeth. Many people do go in there for reasons other than paying respect. It's like a beautiful park with old trees and lots of birds. They just don't admit it. From my property, I see(live)people in there bike riding, walking, running... ;)

Milk Man said...

Great picture of the kids. I love this story.

Loren Christie said...


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