Friday, April 16, 2010

Now, This is Living

A little poem for you- Happy Friday!-L

Walk barefoot

in ocean's powder at dusk,

on Earth's satin cushion,

down a muddy path,

under Corkscrew Willows,

in a summer downpour.


the Woodpecker is in the Dogwood;

wind is sweeping the leaves;

thunder claps behind the sun.

Now, this is living.

(Go Yankees)


Catholic Chicks said...

I love walking barefoot in the mud!!

Putz said...

that sounds like a post i did on january 1st 2008, 'LOOK RIGHT THERE IS A WOOD PECKER ON THAT TREE AND THEN I TOOK A PICTURE' and people then had to believe cause the proof was in the pudding or in other words proof positive was the picture of that very woodpecker in that tree in january in the snow in the winter

Caity said...

Great poem! It is so happy! Go Yankees! I'm going to the game tomorrow! :)

Short Poems said...

I love the way you write :)

Marinela x x

Loren Christie said...

Goodmorning and Happy Saturday. Thanks for commenting everyone, your visit here means a lot to me. Have a GREAT time, Caity, the new stadium is amazing.

rhymeswithplague said...

A wonderful poem!

But I didn't realize there were barefoot Yankees (even -- or maybe especially -- the baseball type).

Loren Christie said...

Those Yankees are rich enough to never be barefoot. :)

Milk Man said...

I love the deep message in your poetry. What you are saying is you want me to go to a Yankee game!

Loren Christie said...

Milkman, Well, you almost got the message, except for the ask me on a date part. Typical guy mistake.

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