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Review of Wisdom For Everyday Life From The Book of Revelation

When I think of the Book of Revelation and apocalyptic literature, I tend to mentally step back a bit. In many ways the whole story seems very intimidating and like a psychedelic Beatles movie. For several Sundays following Easter, however, the second reading at Mass has been from this book in the Bible. The writer of the book of Revelation, St. John, recorded his visions while in exile on the Greek island of Patmos. Some scholars believe he was exiled for being a Christian and that this writer is the same St. John who took care of Jesus' mother, Mary, after Jesus' crucifixion. St. John seems to be telling the reader: don't lose hope and faith, Jesus is real and present. The message is very encouraging if you can get past the images of angels and devils and find the hidden meaning.

In an effort to understand the symbolism in this surreal book, I read Wisdom For Everyday Life From The Book Of Revelation by Fr. Richard Veras. The author's experience as a high school religion teacher makes his writing style very engaging and from the very beginning, I am hooked. Fr. Veras makes a connection between the symbolism in the book of Revelation and "the infinite importance behind the events of life," suggesting that we are constantly dealing with choices in simple matters that point to a larger struggle between light and darkness reminiscent of the movie Star Wars. I think this idea is very interesting.

The chapters of Fr. Veras' book break up the parts of the book of Revelation and attempt to link the symbolic images to modern day feelings and inner moral struggles. Also, in the midst of the crazy battle between good and evil, the author points to a realistic acknowledgement that God's plan for the world involves suffering.

"The book of Revelation," writes Fr. Veras, "with all of its symbolism and grandiosity, draws our attention to the fact that following Jesus is a gesture of inestimable worth and incalculable proportion. The life of a Christian is put in the context of the ultimate battle...but victory will only come about though communion with Christ...I hope you will discover Jesus anew and thus discover who you are as one of his disciples. You will be amazed at how important your life really is!"

This battle that the author refers to is both internal and external, and following Christ is meant to change us, and in turn affect others. Fr. Veras gives modern relevance and a contemporary translation of the symbols that is really fascinating. This may be my favorite book out of those I have reviewed for The Catholic Company. Fr. Veras' discussion of the symbols and how they relate to the other books of the New Testament is enlightening. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the symbolic nature of the Bible.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Wisdom for Everyday Life From the Book of Revelation.


Putz said...

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Loren Christie said...

That's actually really interesting Mr. Putz, that you see the book of Revelation completely differently as a Mormon. Come on now, there were no Mormons or Catholics around when this ancient John wrote his Bible book. Play nice, it's for all God's kids who like it. As far as your diabetes goes, well, I'd be the one sneaking you the chocolate bars because no one should be denied chocolate- even ignoble enigma persons. ;)

Putz said...

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