Saturday, October 16, 2010

List of Fall 2010 Posts


Welcome to my personal blog, where I write for fun. Below are my planned posts for Autumn 2010. This is a running list, so expect it to grow throughout the season. Thanks for reading my work.

Happy Fall!


Here's a new motherhood story:

Sometimes, Kids Make Good Life Coaches

and another post about motherhood at MaMaZinA Magazine:

We Interrupt This Program For a Test of Mom's Other Identity

here to order a print subscription to MaMaZina.

If you come here to read my posts about Elizabeth Oakes Smith you'll enjoy -

Appleton and ALVINnnnn! Oaksmith: They Sure Drove Mom Crazy

Under faith I have:

Beginning an Oplatki Family Tradition

and a book review for The Catholic Company:

Already There: Letting God Find You by Mark Mossa, S.J.

and a book review for Tiber River:

U Got 2 Love by Fr. Stan Fortuna


Putz said...

it looks like you might be back.,.,.,.,.><><> did you have a productive writing summer or tooooo busy with all your ducks, waddling and quacking all in a row?????????????i didn't blog muchmy second son from a first marriage moved down here"10 miles away and they are here so i play with the grands or read them stories instead of write><><>love to here from you in your upcoming posts><>did read a vew articles in your mamama magazine though

Loren Christie said...

Mr. Putz! So happy to hear from you! It must be nice to have your son and the grand kids closer to you. Since the summer I've been adjusting to a new work situation that involves writing full time, so, I have to find a consistent day or time of day to write here.

This summer I devoted my time to a little book project invovling my motherhood posts that a friend is helping me edit. We're in the second round of edits and I'm really excited about that. I'm going to self publish it because I'm tired of wasting time querying agents. My dream is to use the book as a fundraiser for mothers in crisis, but I'll be satisfied just to accomplish the goal of publishing.

I think it's really important for me to keep posting here because creative writing is good for my health. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll get into a routine.

Take care and I hope to hear from you again soon!

Putz said...

hi sweeeeteeee, just checking in to see if anything new>>>enjoy articles about your italianess and motherhood>>>.those things really go together and oh restuarents also

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Loren Christie

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