Friday, December 17, 2010

My Child is Mastering the The Urban Dictionary

My youngest, a preschooler, has been telling tall tales lately.

On our walk back to the car after school, I ask him what he learned today.

"Nu-ting," he says.

"You didn’t learn anything at all?" I repeat in that I-know-you-are-lying tone that mothers and prosecuting lawyers have.

He smiles as though he is remembering something funny, then says, "Well. Yes! 'B' is for booty. Miss Nina taught us the Shake Your Booty Dance today."

"Oh Yeah?" I answer in disbelief,adding, "How does that go, Mr. Smarty-pants?"

My youngest grins, puts his hands on his hips and gyrates, singing,

“Shake your booty, yeah! Shake your booty."

"Oh my goodness, what is that -- the Urban Alphabet?" I wonder aloud.

He giggles.

"Yes. Mommy. Urban Alphabet ... It's really cool," he says.

I gasp, suddenly imagining the lessons for letters C, D, and E.

I fish my planner out of my hand bag and write in the margin on the calendar -

"Note to self: Just in case this "booty dance lesson" is in fact, true, speak to teacher before the class reaches letter F!"


Putz said...

i am a little nieve <><><><>is a booty a bottom???????

Loren Christie said...

Yes, it is. I talked to his teacher, who did not really teach him a booty dance. We had a good laugh about it. So it turns out, he learned it from the Disney movie Madagascar.

Caity said...

Haha that is adorable and even more adorable that he claimed to learn it in school. That gave me a good giggle! :)

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

It's appalling the kind of slang that is now permissible for kids to use! Disney is not so classy these days.

Loren Christie said...

Disney seem more about $ than class these days. It was appallingly cute. Like the time Big Brother dropped his sippy cup while strapped into his car seat and said Aw shit! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. That one was my fault, not Walt's.

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