Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tea with my 5-going-on-25 year old

Princess and I go for tea at the Carriage House, a little restaurant on the grounds of the Physick Estate in Cape May, New Jersey. This is a tradition I started on our vacations there when she was three. On this particular visit, I realize how fast my little girl is growing up.

“There’s this boy in my class named Brett who liked my dress on Friday,” she says, biting into a slice of raisin bread.


“Yeah,” she continues, “He said he’ll marry me if I want. But I said no way.”

“Good girl! I bet you pointed out that you’re only five years old and you are still finding out who you are. You probably said that you are focusing on school right now, and then a career that will allow you to become a strong, self-sufficient young woman who does not need a romantic relationship to define herself. Right?”

Princess sighs. “Yeah, Yeah, Mommy, I told him all that.”

“That’s my girl! And what did he say?” I lean across the table to pour her some herbal tea.

She holds her cup with two hands, proud to be sipping the real thing, and not pretending.

“He just stared at me with his mouth open.”

I laugh. “You’re a chip off the ole’ block!” I say.

Princess slides a triangular shaped turkey sandwich onto her plate. “But I still like him.”

“Oh,” I say, my smile fading.

“But I’m not going to marry him though,” she says, her large brown velvet “lady hat” drooping over her eyes.

I fix her hat.

“He hardly has any hair on his head and I just don’t like him like that,” she continues.

“What? You don’t like him like what? He has no hair? Is he five years old or 50? Please tell me he his last name is not Farvre! I’m not ready for this conversation. I’m going to choke on my scones! I mumble, mouth full.”

“Oh, sure, he’s five like me,” she says, her over-sized hat jiggling.
“Oh, good.” I say, seriously.

“Anyway, he was laughing when I said no, but then he went to the back of the class and drew a picture of me with a scribbled out face.”

“Oh, wow. That’s totally passive aggressive,” I say.

“Yeah, So I’m still searching for someone to marry since Big Brother said he won’t and little brother is a slob. I don’t want to marry him and have to clean up his mess every time he eats.”

I laugh. “I know what you mean. You can’t marry your brothers anyway,” I say, adding, “at least, not in New York State. Forget marriage. Don’t even worry about that. If you’re meant to get married it will just happen. You don’t have to look.”

Princess looks pensive, then asks, “Did you look, Mommy?”

I put down my scone.

“Well, not really! Listen, Princess. You have a whole lot of living to do before you worry about that. Marriage is a big deal and it should actually be a permanent decision, unless you are escaping an abusive relationship, in which case, divorce is totally understandable. At any rate, it’s always sad when a relationship ends so …”

Princess interrupts. “Uh, Mommy?”


“I already forgot about that,” she whispers, pointing to the waitress, who is standing beside me with a teapot.

I turn to her and say, “Please! Make mine a double.”


Putz said...

i already for got about that she says<><><>passive agressive<>><<><>it is so sad when a relationship ends<><><> a picture with a scribbled out face<><><>the irony<<>make mine a double also

Putz said...

she said"i already forgot abourt that><<><>now on to the next topic<><><>

Loren Christie said...

Hi Mr. Putz,
Thank you for visiting :)

Caity said...

Oh my goodness how adorable!! I love how she said she told him all that already. Smart girl, there. :)

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