Friday, April 29, 2011

Where I've been lately ...

Hi Readers,

I haven't posted here for a while for a couple of reasons. I started blogging in 2008in an effort to get into the habit of writing each day. Blogging led to good things, and a shift in career that I feel very good about, but life is really hectic lately. Since last summer I have been writing for local weekly newspapers and as a result, I am spending so much energy on that each day that I've been too exhausted to write here. I find this frustrating because creative writing is what I like to do best. I think I have to rethink the purpose of the blog since I no longer need it to keep me in the habit of writing. Whatever changes I make here, I plan to remember my original goal. The blog, from the beginning, was always meant as a means of entertaining myself and leaving some sort of writing trail out in the universe.

Juggling all of my roles and trying to keep my priorities straight is a challenge. Add to that the fact that I am a recovering perfectionist who no longer has time to clean her house and you get my current state of mind which includes spells of forgetfulness that leave me standing in the middle of a room for five minutes trying to remember why I walked into it in the first place.

AND I haven't written in two months because I've been sick - and the kids have been sick- and the husband has been sick, calling me on the portable phone intercom to place food orders or request pillow fluffing. So I have been distracted and tired. Although I have a million fragments of funny kid comments ready to blog, a lot of poignant stuff I've observed that I've tried to make a mental note to write about and lots of weird dreams lately that, sorry, I can't post in memoir form, I always end up collapsing into bed every night instead of writing.

So I have to figure it out how the blog is going to evolve with me. I need to make permanent time for creative writing and I have mentally lined up a few new posts that are coming. Here they are:

1- I've got a post in progress on juggling work and family life that I hope will turn out funny called MetaMOMphosis. (I think I just made that word up. If it's copyrighted, oops, sorry.)

2- I've got a review in the works that is pretty interesting. It's a book that uses sports to guide a men's prayer group. That's for The Catholic Company.

3- I can't find my notes on Elizabeth Oakes Smith getting caught in a Civil War Draft Riot yet, so I'm going to write about her career as a lecturer on the role of women in society, and include newspaper reviews of her speeches in various places.

4- I've got a funny post written by my furry lover, Mr. Norman Whiskers. It's about how he finally decided to let the family dog live.

5- I've got posts about my garden swirling around in my head. Everything is on the verge of blooming.

6- The husband is an entire blog in itself. There's more of that coming.

Okay, now I have to go play hot potato since it's game night at the Christie house. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting ... :)



Putz said...

loren, loren ,loren, if i were a face crap patron, or twitter tatter titilator, i would probably be privy to you more, but alsas bloggerville is the only vice i have and so a dearth of you is apparent, i guess it is something i must live with, ifin you ever get tired of all that back in new york come west for a visit and i will be here with bells on my toes

Loren Christie said...

Mr. Putz, you and Elizabeth are the only visitors that I actually know of because no one else comments. I appreciate the comments ... and the invitation to Utah.

Putz said...

just one more word, you do need to entertain YOURSELF, you being esaily distracted need a boost that only your writing to ME will alleviate, oh and elizabetth who i never hit it off with very much and of course you need a smoke trail from your writing to wind around and around this world<><>><so write to us, i am sure bob brauge will come back ifin you only give him a chance

Caity said...

I also visit and read your blog, Loren! I am sorry that I do not comment more.

Sorry to hear that you've all been ill but I hope you're all well now and ready to enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with this blog. I do love your writing. :)

Loren Christie said...

Hi Caity, I know you read too, thank you! I hope you and Josh are doing well. Mr. Putz, your devotion to this blog reminds me of a Lady Gaga song I once heard. And thank you, I really appreciate your encouragement, as always :)
I like to write at night, actually. I am NOT a morning person, but life is so much better when I get up early. I'm going to figure it out and keep posting at least once a week. I'm too compulsive about writing to stop this blog altogether.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Lady Gaga reminds me I have to write about her after viewing her monster video...this letter could have been written by me...just write when you can knowing here you have the freedom to write creatively and people who appreciate the uniqueness of your thoughts...just like your flowers.

Loren Christie said...

About that Lady Gaga, that girl can sing and is also a talented pianist. Maybe she had to be outrageous to make it big, but now that she's established she doesn't have to sell out her dignity with the raunchy costumes and a confusing image. So many teens look up to her, whether she wants it to be so or not. Women are never going to be respected if they use sex appeal to make money. Anyway, I saw a video of her singing acoustically at a radio station on Youtube and she was awesome. - She reminds me of a modern vaudville-burlesque performer.

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