Monday, May 16, 2011

May Garden 2011

Last year I made a little shade garden cave for myself. Right now the Wisteria is in full bloom, creating a very welcoming doorway. Wisteria is one of those bossy plants that will try to take over your whole yard and strangle your trees if you don't keep it in check. In my little cave I like to sit on the lounge chair under a ratty old blanket and burn branches in the fire pit. Whether I am sitting on one of those red chairs reading a great book, writing or just staring at a tree trunk, I am always so completely happy in that space. You should seriously make a shade cave if you don't already have one.

The first flower to bloom in my gated garden, which is across from the shade cave and in full sun, are the bleeding hearts. It seems to me that there is something very spiritual about that. Did you know that the heart muscle is the first part of a human being that forms in the womb? I have two bleeding heart plants in the gated garden, one white and the other pink. These plants are gone when spring is over. This full sun garden has a "plants mentioned in Shakespeare's works theme" just because, why not?

The kids and I planted an apple tree (below) to replace the cherry that was destroyed over the winter when our cesspools were replaced. The area behind the apple tree is going to be a part-shade garden. I moved the cold hardy camellia I bought at the arboretum at the Coe estate there. Something was eating the flowers, but stopped after I moved the shrub and blocked it off with a wire fence. I also moved a crepe myrtle and a rhododendron into that area. Did you know that apple trees do not contribute to seasonal allergies since their pollen is carried by insects rather than wind? I think I have to plant another somewhere nearby if I want some apples this fall.

In the shade garden, the columbine is blooming too. It usually doesn't last very long past spring, but it is so beautiful.

In an effort to attract butterflies and humming birds to an area I can see from a window, I planted some butterfly bushes and bee balm. I added a hummingbird feeder and a bird house and I'm sure I'll get a little resident there.

Today I put down a lot of grass seed to fix the lawn from the winter damage and weeded a bit. Next week I'm going to mulch. By then I should have more beautiful flowers to show you, including my little rose garden.


Putz said...

i am so glad they let you have a fire pit<<><>i also have one and on cold days make a fire to sit by<><<i am surprised in new yourk they let you have one

Loren Christie said...

Hi Mr. Putz, I don't live in NYC. There are more rural parts and my town is in between country and city.

rhymeswithplague said...

Hi, Loren! My last two posts involved a Lady Grace Jane Wallace who died in 1878; she somehow made me think of your Elizabeth Oakes Smith of Patchogue (although they are nothing alike) so I thought I'd just pop over and say "hello"....

Loren Christie said...

Hi Mr. Brague. Thanks for stopping by. I will take a look at your historical posts!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I love how you appreciate each plant for its uniqueness...just like people!

Loren Christie said...

Thank you for the thoughtful comments Elizabeth.:)

K said...

You've created a sanctuary Loren! It is beautiful and I love how you pieced it all together for us, integrating nature and your children. I felt a sense of peace just by reading this.

Sandra said...

What a nice, relaxing space to spend quiet time in! You have been very busy, but the payoff is so worth it!

Loren Christie said...

Hi Sandra, Hi K, thank you.

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