Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stalking Uncle Filbert

I would not consider myself a stalker, unless we are talking about gardening and a particular shrub/tree that I've been looking to purchase for the past three years. I've been wanting a gnarly tree for my back property- the kind of tree that looks as though it was transplanted from a story written by Edgar Allan Poe. I picked the contorted filbert (Corylus avellana), also known as "Harry Lauder's walking stick," or "corkscrew hazelnut." The name Harry Lauder's walking stick comes from a Scottish comedian who performed in the early 1900's using a crooked cane.

I've read that the contorted filbert is a true plant lover's plant. This is one of the most interesting mini trees I've ever seen, but I was not going to spend $90 for it, which is the going rate for a contorted filbert. After all, it might be a grouchy tree that's hard to grow. I'd be mad if I bought an expensive shrub and it died. So, I stalked a group of them at a local Lowe's until today, when they were marked 75% off. I got mine for- wait, are you ready for this?- $21. What an exciting day for a gardener into weird gnarly trees. Of course, after I planted it I poured the remainder of my bottle of water over it, christening it Uncle Filbert.

Some Facts about my new pet tree, Uncle Filbert:

This tree/shrub originated in Europe. Some sources claim it was discovered in England during the mid-1800s and used as a fence around crops. It's a deciduous shrub which grows about 10 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide and likes part shade/part sun. What makes this little tree so cool are its twisted and spiraling branches, twigs and leaves. In spring it develops 2-3" long, yellowish brown catkins (flowers). The leaves turn yellow in the fall. In the winter, especially during a snowfall the shape of the branches make an interesting natural sculpture.

I'll be photographing Uncle Filbert each season so you can see how he changes. I bet you're totally excited about that ;)

"I have drunk ale from the Country of the Young
And weep because I know all things now:
I have been a hazel tree & they hung
The Pilot Star & the Crooked Plough
Among my leaves in times out of mind." -W.B.Yeats

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