Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Muppets are Back and as Timeless as Ever

I sat riveted to The Muppet Show show dressed in my red feety pajamas 32 years ago in a yellowish-orange upholstered rocking chair situated in the corner of my parent's red-carpeted living room. It was the last year of the 1970's and everything about it was colorful to a four year-old. Jimmy Carter was President, but more importantly, he was the horrible man who sometimes interrupted the greatest half-hour of television to give a long, boring speech. I would burst into tears at the sight of him, because it meant my Muppets were canceled and I had to go to bed early.

My favorite Muppets were mostly all the talking animals- like the chickens, those ugly babies and the personified food. I also loved the Swedish Chef and his cooking disasters. So when I heard a new Muppets movie was coming out I think I was just as excited as my children, who have never seen the old show on television. The Muppets (2011) stars Amy Adams, Jason Segal and a puppet named Walter; (don't ask, just watch and eat your popcorn).

Today, every memory associated with the Muppets is comforting to me and maybe that's why I found myself getting choked up when the curtain opened for the first time in years at Muppets theatre in the new movie. The plot is familiar: the whole group has to get together and put on a telethon show to raise money to save the theatre from an evil oil tycoon and his Muppet thugs. Miss Piggy must have had some extensive plastic surgery because she looks exactly the same. A new generation of Muppets fans are introduced to bits and pieces of the classic show as The Muppets use their talents to save their old stomping ground.

The writers knew Generation Xer's all grown up would be highly amused watching a barbershop quartet of Muppets singing Nirvana. Actually, several generations of movie goers can connect to this film. There are appearances by Mickey Rooney, Selena Gomez, and many more recognizable stars. Jack Black is the reluctant celebrity guest of the Muppets' Telethon Show. Who doesn't love that guy?

My youngest is fascinated by Beaker and thinks there is nothing more hysterical than his fire-related mishaps.

At Sayville Movie Theater a new generation of Christie-Russell Muppet fans is born

"Beaker's my favorite because he looks so funny when he gets electrocuted," he told his preschool teacher earlier today before we went to see the movie, as I cringed.

At least The Muppets haven't been tainted by the politically correct society that forced Cookie Monster to pretend he's all excited about carrots. This film takes a risk by offering a simple plot with good old-fashioned singing, dancing and slap-stick comedy to today's kids. It works; children will eat up this movie, and adults can enjoy the sweet simplicity of it.

This post was reprinted as a movie review in the 12-1-11 issue of Long Island Advance.

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