Saturday, February 04, 2012

What Saddens Me

"Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic (PPHP) today expressed deep disappointment in response to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation’s decision to stop funding breast cancer prevention, screenings, and education at Planned Parenthood health centers.  Anti-women’s health groups repeatedly have targeted and boycotted the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation for partnering with Planned Parenthood to provide these lifesaving cancer screenings," I read in a press release this week.

What saddens me is that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation since apologized for their stance and, in doing so, garnered even more support for PP led by the comically smug Mayor Bloombag. Any organization that slaughters unborn babies is not entirely concerned with women's health in that the ramifications of abortion only cause a woman more emotional, as well as physical, problems than she started out with. Research supports the idea that unborn children feel pain and women who abort suffer as a result of that choice on multiple levels. Planned Parenthood, portrayed as an organization that champions women's health, is a farce because they profit from stopping beating hearts. Offering abortions negates any and all good they do otherwise, in my opinion.

There have to be pro-life doctors willing to treat women at a low cost, and organizations that can help women apply for Medicaid and find these OB-Gyns, such as the Life Center of Long Island in my own area. 

Here is a list of national pro-life doctors: Maybe that's a start.

I almost applauded the Komen Foundation for taking a strong stand against this beast of an organization that profits from the deaths of human beings; an abortion at Planned Parenthood costs about the same as a 51 inch Plasma HDTV at Walmart.

It saddens me that PP has to be the seemingly only choice for women without health insurance and that the Komen Foundation continues to financially support breast screenings provided there. If PP was sincerely focused on women's health they would not offer abortions as part of their services because ABORTION IS BAD FOR OUR HEALTH.

My rant is now over.  Thanks for reading.


Putz said...

you are so cute when you are mad

Loren Christie said...

thank you but I'd rather be a game changer :)

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