Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Dad's Hoop House Rebuilt

Dad, I wish you could see how great your hoop house turned out.

My new summer office is my dad's old hoop house rebuilt.
It started with a bunch of rusty hoops and a memory I had of my dad's greenhouse in the 1990's. There he grew flowers and veggies through four seasons. This past fall, he gave it to me, but I didn't take it.  I told him we would build it in the spring, with his help as he got better. In March, just two months after he passed, I was searching my parents' basement and property for the parts, grasping at anything that restored a piece of my father, in a sense. It was still cold outside when I found the hoops behind his shed and a greenhouse book on the shelf in his office. Some of the old poles were holding down the tarp on his boat; others were buried beneath several seasons of fallen leaves. A brown folder turned up among his things with all the directions and information for reordering parts. After contacting the company that he bought his hoop house from, they sent me all the missing parts.
This spring things fell into place. There were members of my family, neighbors and friends who helped me rebuild out of the kindness of their hearts and for the promise of fresh tomatoes this summer.
My husband and brother reconstruct the facade.
I was so overwhelmed and surprised by how wonderful it turned out. I made two raised beds inside for growing veggies through three seasons. I stacked the shelves with about a hundred of my dad's green plastic pots. I wish he could see my new summer office. It's a great place to write. Thank you to those who helped rebuild the hoop house. I'll never forget this kind act that has made this heavy loss a little easier to bear with the comfort of a place I can go that was my dad's place too.  


ubsueg said...

Dad did help you build the hoop house. His spirit stayed with you and gave you the strength to make it come alive as he would have built it. I can see him sitting in that rocker just enjoying the earthy smells and the veggies you so lovingly planted.
He would be proud....
Love you
Aunt Sue

Loren Christie said...

I think he was there helping in spirit through the kind actions of those who gave time and skill to the project ... And there are plenty of "earthy" smells back there - that's for sure. Thanks for the comment Aunt Sue.

rhymeswithplague said...

What a wonderful thing to have done! May you receive plenty of inspiration while you are in your new office.

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