Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Response to Senator Barack Obama's Win

Keeping an open mind is not an easy task, especially for someone who is extremely fired up about a situation that violates social justice. Sometimes we are called to take a stand in life and be the voices, hands and feet that make a change for the good of humanity. To me, that's what being pro-life is all about.

It's not that I don't care about the economy, the quality of education, heath care, retirement, the war; I do. I care about these issues very much, but my conscience is screaming. The life issue takes precedence over all others for me, because I wholeheartedly believe that if people treat human life with respect and reverence, then a change will occur in all areas.

Today I am sad about the position our president elect holds regarding the sanctity of human life, but I am not discouraged. I do all I can to fight against this injustice. Before the election, I organized a voter registration drive in my community and I prayed for God's will in the election. This is the outcome, so I just have to trust that answer.

It is possible that our president elect and other pro-choice leaders will have a change of heart regarding the life issue, because nothing is impossible with God. I will still make noise until abortion is viewed as what it really is: murder.

Some people say that abortion is a choice. True, God gave us free will. However, governments recognize that murder is detrimental to the function of civilized societies, so there are laws against taking the lives of others. The same should be for the unborn.

When I was pregnant three times, I didn't want to hear my OBGYN pressure me to get tests to determine if there were birth defects, sliding forms in front of me to sign proving I waived my right to the tests in case there were complications. I didn't want to hear the word "termination" in regard to human life at my doctor's office. Why are doctors, who are supposed to help us be healthy, counseling women to make choices that will emotionally cripple them for life?

If you've read my previous posts, then you know that Baby Bigfoot was not easy as an unborn person. I could have lost his life because of unexplained bleeding. During the pregnancy, I was crying in the doctor's office. I said to the doctor on call, "Please tell me what I need to do to keep this baby alive." Her response was cold and clinical. "Let's just focus on YOU, and YOUR health. IF the baby becomes viable, then we'll look at options for a safe delivery." Just look at Baby Bigfoot, (see post before this one). He is so beautiful, a kind, sweet little soul. I knew his soul at 13 weeks, when I started to bleed. Can you understand my rage in that office at that moment?!

Pregnancy is a sacrifice. Women sacrifice on so many levels to bring children into this world. Our instinct should be to protect our young, and our health care providers should support this instinct, not discourage it! Every pregnancy is a unique situation, and doctors should promote life, and not confuse families faced with pregnancy challenges. Some people say that the life issue is the private business of the pregnant woman, and that pro-lifers should keep their noses out of it. I say, as a human with a conscience, MANKIND IS MY BUSINESS. I don't need to be visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve to learn this lesson. We are all called to stand up for what is right. I will continue to do so, and pray for a change.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking as a male, there will never be any way I can experience the connection to the unborn child like you described so eloquently.

That being said, there are a lot considerations in this particular debate and this is one area where I break from my Republican/conservative ideals. So here is my question to you - do you feel more comfortable sending women back to alleys, in unsanitary conditions where there is no margin for error and possibly no way to address any complications? Do you really think that is the better alternative than giving them the right to choose and geting the procedure done in a medically safe environment?

Let's face it, bans don't work. In the 20's, a Constitutional amendment banning alcohol didn't stop people from drinking. Today, bans on guns, where applicable, don't stop people from owning them. Bans on non-medicinal narcotics (i.e. pot, cocaine, heroin etc.) do nothing to stop people from getting high. And as history has already proven, bans on abortions will not stop women from getting them, but will put them at greater risk for something to go wrong during the procedure.

My biggest problem with the anti-abortion arguement is that banning it does absolutely nothing to address why women are in that position in the first place. Maybe if our society was not so puritancial in nature and sex was something that was a bit more celebrated and open rather than so taboo, gals and guys might actually get the right kinds of education about sex (and I don't mean abstinence only) and the choices one should be making if they decide to engage in sexual activity. If that were the case, then maybe by default we might actually end up with fewer unwanted pregnancies. And with fewer unwanted pregnancies, it is only logical to figure that the number of abortions would also trend downward.

Unfortunately, though, we live in a society where "Zack and Miri Make A Porno" is banned from movie theaters (despite the overarching message that sex does not necessarily come consequence free and, as it pertains to the main characters, is connected to love, and is a very funny movie if you are into the whole Kevin Smith thing) but "Saw V", with all its graphic violence, killing and no real moral compass at all, is deemed fit for public comsumption with no hesitation. (I am not advocating a ban on Saw V or any horror flicks for that matter, but rather the freedom to choose what I want to watch should not be dictated by others, especially the government - kind of like my freedom to choose my religion, what words I report since I am a journalist, what I do in the privacy of my own home etc...)


Loren Christie said...

I feel like I'm having deja vous having this conversation with you, because I know we have debated it before. I understand your argument.

First question, do I feel comfortable sending women who want abortions to back alleys and butchers? No, I am not for abusing women. However, if a person makes a choice to kill, should we hand her a gun and tell her she can make her problem go away easily? As a nation we have to take a stand to protect our young. Most animals do.

What I'm saying is that I believe that abortion, especially partial birth abortion, in almost every case including rape, should be against the law. If women and men do not want their unborn children, there are plenty of people yearning for them who will gladly adopt. I wish the world viewed children as a blessing and a gift, because I know in my heart that that's what they are.

GT, I am not, and never was against sex,(ask Milk Man). As far as the way this country views sex, I think the media warps it and confuses the public. If children were taught to view sex as a morally right behavior that has a place, (in marriage), then not only would there be fewer abortions, but also less heartache and divorce.

I believe this in my heart, as a woman who I know you know has lived this view point, and I spend my free time spreading this message to teens, (through my work in youth ministry). This quote from the Bible really sums up my viewpoint on the sanctity of the human body:

"Don't you know that you are a temple of the Holy Spirit, which dwells within you? You are not your own." -Corinthians

I believe that sex is sacred, marriage is sacred, children are gifts from God, and you know I'm going to shout it from mountaintops until my life ends.

Thanks for the thoughtful comments. :)

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I hope you will print out this post and mail it directly to Obama! If he hears from all us mothers who have had difficulties in pregnancy and wanted our babies more than anything - it might help change his heart.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Loren - beautiful post. I had the same issues with my doctor, over refusing tests, and finally switched from his care to a midwife's. (You can see some of my thoughts in my pre-February archives.)

GT - I believe abortion actually causes a devaluing of sex, because now it's cheap. There are no consequences. If we valued life, that was cause a greater value of sex, as something beautiful between a man and a woman, that brings not only a deeper connection between them, but also even another life. I think that if abortion were illegal, people would think more about who they gave their bodies to, and why they did it, and what the outcome is. Hopefully, at least. And in the cases where someone is unable for whatever reason to care for a child, there are tons of people who want babies. Nine months is not a very big sacrifice for one life.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the worst cases of mothers attempting a pregnancy that they should not have. I remember a man leaving here ( a hospital) he had 2 children at home and a new set of twins born days before ; and a dead wife. If your husband would have God forbid been faced with the choice of your life or the childs...and the thought of your other children being motherless? What would he have done? Nine months may not be a big sacrifice for one life ; but it can be a very big sacrifice for those that it may leave behind. And those same 9 months maybe a horrible sacrifice for the woman who knows that the child she is carrying won't live to see a sunrise . In the past week I have lost a grandchild ; it was not a "choice" , it was a child that was very much wanted by Mom, Dad and the rest of us. As much as I hated the word "grandma" I was thrilled.
After doctors and high risk docotrs; and genetic counseling and every doctor that we could try - and hope to give us a different answer; there was no different answer. I held that girl when she cried in pain for her emptiness. I mourn that child everyday ; I know he is an energy that surronds us. To call his Mother and My son a murderer...NO!
They are two people in pain. If God is forgiving ; then I think that is the least that we can expect of ourselves ; to think any different is a pride and arrogance that is that is not the Christian way.

Loren Christie said...

Dear Anonymous,
I am sorry for your loss. I think doctors should do all they can to support life, even in the case of genetic defects. In the situation where the mother will certainly die if deliverly occurs, (like in the case of a pregnancy growing in the falopian tube), I understand that doctors must remove the baby. However, I will not take back my belief that abortion is murder, as a woman who has given birth several times. I am speaking from my heart, and do not mean to hurt you in any way.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the best things about families is that we can disagree and yet still love.
And I do love you guys.
It was my grandchild.

Loren Christie said...

I love you too. I know my views are not popular, and it is hard to put them out there in front of strangers, friends and especially in front of family. Again, I'm very sorry about the baby.

Anonymous said...

Loren, I am sure we have had this debate before, but I threw it out again to spur some healthy coversation. And I certainly have a lot of respect for your opinion. I just think going down the ban road is a proverbial finger in the dyke when the whole dam is breaking around us.

And even the rape question has it's grey shades. I clearly remember an episode of Oprah where adoptive parents who raised a child conceived from rape were united with the birth mother and were able to thank her for having the courage to deliver the child. It was very touching and certainly addes weight to your arguement.

I think the point you make clearly is that there are parents who want to adopt and another way to tackle this issue is finding the right way to encourage those who can keep their unborn child to do so. Our government incentivizes everything else, so why not this (what that is I don't know). If we can spend $700 billion to bail out failed banks, we should be able to find a way to encourage mothers who don't want their children to keep them to birth and get the children into the adoption pool for parents who really want that bundle of joy in their lives.


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