Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Changing Role at MWLM

In a time when print journalism is suffering, I'm very happy and excited to announce that Mom Writer's Literary Magazine is merging with Mamapalooza, Inc. and growing. In the wake of this movement, my role as a staff member is shifting. I will still be a regular Columnist and Writer's Resource Editor, but I will no longer be an Advertisement Representative. Instead I will be broadening my experience as Illustrations Editor. Here is the press release from MWLM announcing the merger and explaining the future of the magazine:

Mom-Owned Magazine & Media Firm Unite

(St. Johnsbury, VT – Sept. 28, 2009) In a display of cooperation and consolidation, two of the nation’s leading mom-branded media organizations have joined forces. Mamapalooza, Inc. a mother-owned and operated multimedia firm, and Mom Writers Literary magazine (MWLM), a showcase for women writers, have forged a new partnership to develop Mamazina Magazine. The result of this merger is a new publication that combines the best of both efforts and not only showcases women writers and the travails of parenthood, but also creates a strong platform for mom-branded art, culture and business.

Mamapalooza is well known for producing hundreds of Family Festivals, Baby and Green Expos, and Mom’s Night Out Events. Since 2002 Mamapalooza has been the leader in tailor-made mom events that focus on art, business and activism. Mamapalooza founder Joy Rose, an award-winning singer, writer and motivational speaker, uses her unique brand of successful mother events to celebrate, support and connect mothers across the country.

In 2005 Paula Schmitt founded Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine to honor and celebrate the challenges, joys and triumphs mothers face, by making their stories visible through print. MWLM highlights established authors, and new, breakthrough female writers by providing a creative forum through which they can communicate with moms everywhere.

“Our two organizations share so many of the same values, and we both want to empower moms and provide them not only with an outlet for their amazing creativity, but also a way to network, bond and share ideas with one other,” said Mamapalooza founder Joy Rose. “With MWLM’s stable of excellent mom writers, and Mamapalooza’s calendar of mom-branded events, we knew that we could reach more moms with a message of encouragement and a forum of practical advice, all while providing resources on a much grander scale if we formed this special partnership,” said Paula Schmitt, founder of Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine.

The result of this joint venture will be a bi-annual magazine called Mamazina – Women’s Voices Unite. Formatted similar to MWLM, Mamazina will be a broader based publication with new sections to cover the modern marketplace and a mom-made catalogue of products. Joy Rose and Paula Schmitt will serve as Mamazina co-founders and act as Publisher and Director respectively. MWLM’s original staff will transition to the new publication, and new positions will be added as additional market areas come on board. One area of near term focus for the Mamazina team will be to reach the Hispanic market with new material and translated content.

As MWLM transitions to Mamazina, subscribers who have pre-purchased the fall issue of MWLM will receive the most recent copy of Mamapalooza Mamazine and an accompanying CD in place of the regularly scheduled MWLM. Select pieces also will be electronically published on the Mamazina Web site by early November.

The inaugural issue of Mamazina – Women’s Voices Unite will debut in Spring 2010. It will include literary, creative and art content, along with a catalog section. The new publication also will feature new editors, merchandising experts, artists and writers. Co-Founders Rose and Schmitt stand committed to their new mission statement: “To honor and celebrate the challenges, joys and triumphs mothers face by making their stories visible through print. Written by moms for moms across the globe, Mamazina – Women’s Voices Unite will share stories, celebrate triumphs and comfort the weary moms trying so hard to get it right.”

For more information, please visit http://www.mamapalooza.com/, http://www.momwriterslitmag.com/, or follow on Twitter at twitter.com/momwriterlitmag, twitter.com/MAMAPALOOZA


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

This is so exciting!

Koala Bear Writer said...

Very exciting! I was hoping that something like this would happen so that the magazine wouldn't have to fold. Best of luck with your new roles in the magazine!

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