Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loren Makes History (and sees a Broadway musical)

The strangest thing happened to me on 42nd street in NYC this weekend. For a fee of $35 at Madame Tussauds' house, I caused quite a stir!

First, inspired by the book Madame Bovary, a classic I finished reading on the train, I attempted to steal Brad Pitt's heart while my daughter watched me from her stroller. Angelina gave me a waxy glare, but it did not thwart my mischievous intentions. Unfortunately, Brad had the personality of a Yankee candle, and I soon was bored.

I completely forgot about him when I saw Harrison Ford. We were all set to run away together, but he was stuck to the floor and too heavy for me to lift.

I gave up my haughty ways and turned to public service. First I visited the Oval office and charmed President Obama. While he was posing for a photo, I got on the horn and reversed Roe vs. Wade. (Shhh!)

After that I met with Rudy Giuliani to discuss our plan to run together for President and Vice President in the next election.

I had my daughter with me the whole time, but of course she had to wait for me while I did all of this important business. There was a nice man in the hall who volunteered to watch her for me. He told me he was a world leader who could be trusted. I thought that was very cool of him.

I was so shocked to run into Pope John Paul II there. He was on a visit from heaven and said it was okay to make me a saint. That was easy!

Next I took my little daughter to see Mary Poppins at the Amsterdam Theater. It was such a good show that I cried a little because I sometimes cry when I'm happy. (girl thing) One theme was "Anything is possible if you only get out of your own way." This line hit a chord with me since I fear getting lost, and it was my first time venturing to the city alone.

My daughter thought the show was the "best-est" ever made.

On the way back to Penn Station we passed Macy's, and I showed her the statues of ancient shoppers above the door of this beautiful building.

Then we ran into Elmo and his friends, who were asking strangers for change. It was so sad! When will this economic crisis end?

What an interesting day we had! I sure got a lot done.


Steena Holmes said...

Sounds like a fun time! Strange to see Dora though accosting strangers for money :)

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

You are so funny! Great post and I'm glad you had fun!

Milk Man said...

Great post! You are so funny.

Putz said...

i did the same thing in londen 45 years ago...winston churchill, jack the ripper, eisenhower,sophie loren, marylyn m, the queen, etc etc etc....was fun wasn't it????

Brenda Jean said...

HOW AWESOME! *snicker* on the Obama photo:) I love Mary Poppins. That must have been SO cool! What a wonderful day it must have been.

jenX said...

Loren, You're so down-to-earth, so refined. You defy the New York stereotype so much, I forget you're right there near the Big Apple. So lucky to have access to such a show. Your daughter will never forget it. Cool wax!

Loren Christie said...

Thanks Jen, My accent really gives me away, unfortunately. Mr. Putz, the London museum is better because it has Madame T's original work. Very interesting! Yes, It was fun!

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