Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ground Hog's Day

Where is that slippery little gerbil who is supposed to see his shadow or not, and determine my mood for the next two months? I decided this morning, while dragging my feet around the backyard securing things in preparation for the impending 15 inches of snow and 45 mile an hour winds we're supposed to get here on the south shore of Long Island tonight, that I was going to find the ground hog hole. I intended to pull the little sucker out by his ears. Then, I planned on holding him up to the sun and squeezing him until he starts speaking in tongues, saying spring is coming fast.

I don't know what's happening to me. I actually love snow, (and animals), but this winter I'm beginning to lose my mind. Last month I went on a house plant shopping spree. I needed to smell jasmine and spritz lemon ferns. I needed to surround myself with lots of green things. I needed to study that Martha Stewart Living episode on HGTV where she puts bulbs in the refrigerator and tricks them into sprouting indoors in January.

I needed some spring.

On Ground Hog's day I waited patiently for the kids to come home from school.

"What's the verdict?" I asked nervously, as my first grader stepped off the bus.

"He saw his shadow, mom. That means six more weeks of winter."

I turned to my daughter, my last chance for a different report. She sensed my disappointment.

I'm sorry mama. In preschool today, Ms. Picadilly said that gran-hog saw his shadow! Big Brother is right."

Once inside the house, I shut myself in the bathroom for a moment to mumble curses at the wall and at the damn "gran- hog."


Koala Bear Writer said...

Aw... too bad. (Who says he's right, though?)

Steena Holmes said...

I grew up where Wiarton Willie was the local celebrity! Every year we would go to the Wiarton Willie festival to celebrate this little groundhog ;)

BTW - I just nominated you for an award. And no books yet to add to my list ... although I do have 3 on the go. Do you think we could add non-fiction?

rhymeswithplague said...

This has nothing to do with groundhogs or Groundhog Day. I found a blog I thought you might enjoy in your spare (hah!) time. At least I thought of you and maybe your e-zine when I read it. I found it by clicking on a name in a comment on Putz's blog and then clicking on a link in that blog and, voila! -- there it was. And here it is:

Why Yes I Am Crazy Thank You For Asking

Loren Christie said...

Thank you for the link Mr. Brague! How did you know that sort of title would interest me? ;) Hi Steena, Sure, non-fiction is good. I'm reading some autobiographical material for research purposes that would then count on our list. I don't see why not? Thank you very much for the award. I have no idea what I could be getting an award for...unless it is having the largest pile of unironed shirts in the United States in my laundry room.

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