Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Men Enjoy The Weekend Newspapers

Stefunkc brings up such a good point in a comment on this post about the weekend papers getting out of hand. They do tend to pile up in my house, too. It's a waste if you don't read them.

I only read the New York Post because I'm partial to the creative headlines. Many people call the New York Post a tabloid because of the outrageous pictures and gossip-like articles. This is why I read it. I get the news, and I get to laugh. A New York Post reporter came to my door once and I told him I'm the biggest fan of the Post in the world. He said "God bless you."

Any newspaper is going to slant the facts anyway. I don't think they teach journalism students to report impartially anymore. It's very hard to find a news source, on television or in print, that is not slanted. So, for me, eating bagels and reading the New York Post is fun on a Saturday morning.

The other papers, like Newsday, get scattered all over the house. On Mondays I go around collecting all of the papers and throwing them out. When we were first married I had a birdcage that I would line with faces of politicians and celebrities who irked me in that weekend's newspapers. After eight days of staring at Hillary Clinton in a peach pants suit, my parakeet flew into the side of the cage wall and broke its neck. Don't tell PETA. I still feel guilty about that. ;)


Putz said...

oh ho ho ho, which of those men are going to turn out the MOST INFORMED???

Loren Christie said...

that's really funny Mr. Putz! :)

Stefunkc said...

My husband just started taking the paper two days a week. That means they never come into the house. He either picks them up and puts them in his car or they blow away from the yard. I am proving my point that it's wasting our $10! Three years ago we went through this and I was rightfully named 'right'!

rhymeswithplague said...

Great post, Loren! By turning my computer screen upside down I can tell that the headline on your man's newspaper is "Just A Tiger In Sheep Clothing"...three guesses who that is about.

I buy the Sunday paper only, on Saturday afternoon, to get the grocery coupons. Then I spend Saturday AND Sunday reading it. And when I go to the supermarket on Wednesday for the 5% discount for seniors, I drop off the paper in the recycle dumpster at Mt. Zion Baptist Church (if I'm going to Publix) or the one at the local fire station (if I'm going to Kroger).

Sly fox, you! You made me reveal personal information after reading your post.

Loren Christie said...

Hi there Mr. Brague!
It's great that you recycle and use coupons. I think that personal information is not too dangerous, unless you are in the Witness Protection Program.If you do see a car following you to the recyle bin, check for Utah plates. It might be Mr. Putz! :)

Koala Bear Writer said...

My hubby likes reading the paper occasionally. I tend to just throw them out. My dad used to tell the Edmonton Journal salesman who called monthly that sorry, the subscription was just way too expensive a way to keep his chicken house dry... though newsprint worked way better than straw in the chicken house. :)

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