Saturday, October 08, 2011

I Look Awesome for 205 Years Old With No Botox

Greetings from the 19th century.

I will be appearing in New York at the Patchogue Theatre Lobby Sunday, October 23, at 1 p.m. to tell modern people about my life in Patchogue Village during the horrible war. One of the residents has been so kind as to let me speak through her. As you know, I have been dead since 1893, but Ms. Christie bares a decent resemblance to my youthful self, I think. She has secured a costume that I think is really fine and tasteful. My appearance is part of a larger event- the fourth Patchogue Arts Festival. Click on the link to find out more information on the other events in Patchogue that day: .

In my 40's in the late 1840's I was a force to be reckoned with.
In the theater lobby, Ms. Christie will be speaking words taken directly from my diary and lectures. Main Street is much changed since 1861 and my house is gone, but it is so exciting to give a talk after being silent in this realm for hundreds of years. I hope to see you there along with people of all ages and both sexes from the village. 

Respectfully Yours,

Elizabeth Oakes Smith

Here's a picture of me in costume and the video of the re-enactment will be posted some time this week!


Milk Man said...

I expect to wake one morning and have my wife forever assuming the persona of Elizabeth Oakes Smith. They are both excellent writers. I wonder how good a cook EOS was? This may work on in my favor.

Loren Christie said...

Oh yeah Christie? What would you do when she asked you to go out and kill dinner? She had a live-in maid and a cook to help get stuff done- I don't. And what came out of her mouth was so radical you would lose all your friends and wish you were deaf like her real husband.

Putz said...

you do spend a lot of time on this oaks woman and milkman has a point, and i did not know oak's husband was deaf

Loren Christie said...

hello Mr. Putz! Local history is interactive and so it is the most interesting, don't you think?

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Sorry I missed this! You really look like you belong in that period of history! (I mean that as a compliment of course!)

Loren Christie said...

ty Elizabeth. I was pretty clumsy in the dress... got stuck in the doorway at home and stepped on Norman Whiskers who was hiding under my skirts.

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