Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our House: Apparently, Not For the Birds

This weekend I go on a birdfeeder kick; I set up three around my yard near house windows. I fill them with bird food that I think looks pretty tasty, (if you're a bird). Then I go inside and wait. Hours go by. They won't eat.

I think long and hard about this situation and can not figure out what I'm doing wrong. Birds come near the feeders, but they won't try them. Maybe they are eating so many bugs right now that they are too full to go to the feeders. I share this idea with my husband, whom I affectionately call Milk Man. He disagrees.

He jokes at my expense. "Maybe they heard you cooked the meal for them." Sitting on the porch, ignoring him, I stare at a finch on the front lawn. I try to imagine myself in the bird's shoes. Yes, Reader, I do know birds don't wear shoes, but you get my point. Anyway, that's when I realize that my house is just too loud. In fact, if I had wings and a beak, I'd be scared to death of our family. The children run around like looney birds, and Hell Hound once swallowed a pigeon whole.

It's a good guess that birds will never go near the feeders. I decide to empty all of them and pour the seed into a frying pan. Milk Man stops me at the kitchen door. "What are you doing now?"

I hand him the pan and grab my most retro-styled apron from a hook on the wall. "Why, I'm making you dinner, of course, dear," I declare, enthusiastically.

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

A friend of mine with a very busy household has a bird garden where she can see it from her window. She says it takes a good 3 months before the birds discover the food is there and start to frequent it.

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