Thursday, October 09, 2008

Preparing for Natural Disasters, Other Than Myself

This one is for Romy.

Hi. I am baby Bigfoot. One of my favorite pastimes is making a stinky diaper in my secret hurricane shelter (the television cabinet). The Mayor of Lazytown recently sent a document home that outlines safety precautions that all families should take in case of an Act of God. Mommy says that does not mean a rainbow or free lunch, but a really bad storm. So I gathered up all the things I might need to survive for a while in that predicament.

First thing is my favorite farm animal, Hell Hound. If I get cold, I can just grab a fist full of her fur and pull. Next thing is my stuffed duck. He will be in charge of this battery powered radio that I found in the basement. Then, I will gather up some Cheerios that I stored in my Lego wagon last week for this type of emergency. Of course, I'll need a few sippy cups too, and that crazy plastic horn that sucks snooglies out of my nose. I'll need a wooden spoon from the kitchen drawer to make S.O.S. sounds. I can't forget one of daddy's dirty black socks that he wears when he plays dress-up businessman, so rescue workers can smell my location. Also, I'll need big brother's remote control dinosaur to scare away squirrels if a tree comes through the den wall. Finally, I'll need something really dangerous to chew on, like a rock from the driveway, or pocket change, just to pass the time without electricity. Okay. I'm ready. Bye.

-BaBy BiGfOot


The Koala Bear Writer said...

Ah yes, what they consider important... very funny! Today my hubby asked me to please not feed the baby my cell phone or the coasters (since we only have two). So far he hasn't said anything about keys... her favourite. I mean, hey, that's the ONLY thing that she demands to have and complains when I won't give them to her.

Romy and Andrew said...

Hi baby Bigfoot!

I would like to hide with you. It sounds like you have good supplies for an emergency. I will add to your booty by bringing myself, Lala, cheese (the kind in the red wax that I have to open myself -- don't help me!!!!!!), a ball and a cell phone ... broken or not and my Lala blanket. We would be set for life ... but maybe our mommies could come visit.


Baby Bigfoot said...

Dear Page,
That sounds like a good plan, my friend! I'll meet you there after nap time.

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