Saturday, October 04, 2008

Why I Love Facebook and Sarah Palin, Plus: Other Thoughts That May Annoy You

I just received a news flash on Yahoo. "Paris Hilton wants a best friend whose hot and loyal." I guess I have room for one more friend on Facebook, but she's so irritatingly fake. Sorry Paris. Hell Hound is available if you're that desperate. Lately, I'm more interested in real people, which brings me to the topic of my significant other, Milk Man, who just walked in the door from a conference in Niagara Falls. He talked me into joining Facebook last week, and now I have more friends than he does. "How did that happen?" He wonders aloud, as he looks over my shoulder while I type this post. "Simple. People finally realized how cool I am." I say.

The interesting thing about Facebook is that you get to compare your perception of classmates back then, to now. Back then, there were clicks and expectations. Meeting up online after several years, you realize how similar we all really are. Suddenly, people are taking off their adolescent masks are revealing adult faces. The normalcy of my classmates in the overplayed "real world" is fun to ponder.

This is why I love Facebook; now let's talk about Sarah Palin. First of all, she is admirable, unlike Hillary Clinton, who might as well be one of Darth Vader's army of droids. In a country where 90% of fetuses determined to have Down Syndrome are terminated, this small-town mother from Alaska holds her son up proudly from a national stage. Her nonverbal message is: This is my child, a gift, whom I accept no matter what. He is a beautiful human being who deserves life. One might think that she is inexperienced, however, she has the right heart for the job of VP, and she's a hard worker. Also, never, in the history of formal Vice Presidential, or Presidential debates, has a candidate done a "shout out" to people back home. This my friends, is an American I can relate to. Now, if she challenges Joe Biden to a thumb war, she'll be like one of my own family. All I can say is: Break that ceiling, girlfriend.

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The Koala Bear Writer said...

As a Canadian, I'm finding it interesting watching the US election and seeing the different things people have to say about the candidates. I agree with you about admiring her for having her son.

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