Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jobs Meme

Elizabeth changed the game from 25 Random Thoughts to Jobs I've Held. So I will play again!

Jobs I've Held -The List

Junior High School and High School Jobs:

1. volunteer religious education teacher

2. Orange Julius worker - washed dishes in the company of a roach I named Spot...quit so I would not miss a party.

3. Sam Goody- stocked shelves and helped a great discount on music

4. waitress in a pizza place - occasional weekends...handed customers the specials board when I could not pronounce them.

5. bus girl/waitress at a seafood restaurant... clientele cross-dressed... stopped saying Ma'am/Sir quickly after bad tips... got to take home lunch, and the chef taught me some cooking tips...was reprimanded for freeing a crab... regret forgetting to remove his rubber bands before throwing him back into the bay from a second floor window... hope he got them off! :(

6. Lerner's clothing store- I just remember folding shirts and chatting with mall security guards.

7. Grand Union grocery store- cashier... worked there in high school and first year of college... got hit with a box of frozen fish sticks on my 18th birthday by an angry customer...Life is cruel.

Jobs while in College:

8. after school program teacher

9. summer camp counselor- also taught a college prep and conflict mediation class to teen counselors.

10. preschool teacher- 2 weeks... quit because they cheated me out of first two weeks pay.

11. file clerk in a doctor's office- had a 24 year old boss who abused her power with me, the only employee working under her. As you can imagine, that didn't end well.

12. dark room technician- developed x-ray film for radiologists...position is now extinct, thanks to computers and the digital image...used to read my college textbooks with a flashlight in the dark room while I worked.

Jobs After College:

13. high school English teacher, grades 9-10 in an all girls parochial school... (teacher heaven)

14. high school English teacher, grades 9-12 ...taught regents, honors, journalism classes in a public school

15. mommy to 3

16. writer- wrote about 40 feature articles for a local newspaper as freelance work.

17. Director of a youth ministry program

Readers, tell me about the strangest job you've held. Comment.


Putz said...

you still need to go to the blog on , i don't know either the 3rd or fourth one down and read what my 25 most important radaomn thoughts just happen to be on putz

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

So I'm not the only one who's held a variety of different types of positions! I think it helps to relate to more people from all walks of life when you've experienced life in many different capacities. There were more short-term jobs I took to pay the bills and forgot to include (waitress, housecleaner, door-to-door meat seller) but the 25 gives you a taste.

Loren Christie said...

Meat seller?

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

There was a company in or near Lindenhurst that sold meat door-to-door. They were supposedly top-quality meats that came in boxes. The salespeople had to pay a fee for the insurance on the truck, and were paid on a bonus system according to how many boxes they sold. I hate sales and wound up losing money after doing it for less than a week. It was also miserable doing it in the cold weather! Oh, and I got into an accident in the truck as well. This was one of the things I did in-between-semesters to keep the bills paid.

Loren Christie said...

I can't picture you driving a meat truck. (Forgive me for laughing.)

jenx67 said...

#5 - very funny.

Hearing "Lerners" took me so far back in time. I loved that store...

Carolyne Aarsen said...

Priceless list. I especially liked the 'free willy' moment with the crab. Thanks for the early morning laugh. Your blog is one of the first places I visit each morning as I work my way through my tabs until I run out of places to visit and then have to buckle down to do some actual writing. Which, is the most interesting, challenging and strangest job I've ever held.

Loren Christie said...

Thank you Carolyne and Jen! I've been writing in the morning too. I keep my laptop on the kitchen table, and write a sentence or two each time I pass by until it forms into a post. It's kind of like writing aerobics. Carolyne, I'd like to call writing my real job when the kids grow up a bit!

Milk Man said...

I did not see diva wife as job 18!

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