Friday, January 23, 2009

The Audacity of Power

Readers, you knew this post was coming...I just can't help myself. There are so many problems to tackle right now as President of the United States. Why chip away at something good: the legislation the Bush administration established to protect the unborn? WHAT'S THE POINT? Before this post turns totally ugly, take a look at the email I received that prompted it:

"President Obama has lifted a ban on federal funding for international groups that promote or perform abortions, reversing a policy of his predecessor, George W. Bush.Obama's actions mean that hundreds of millions of your tax dollars will go to help groups like Planned Parenthood perform abortions around the world. His actions came one day after the 36th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in all 50 states. Please take the action suggested below. It will not cause Obama to reverse his decision, but it will send a notice to him that unborn babies are human and deserve the same rights as the born. Take Action!"

If you agree with me, write an email like the one I just wrote,(see below), or just copy mine and send our new LEADER some mail. Here's his address:

President Obama,
Is it in the best interest of the American people to promote and approve laws that will secure the dehumanization of the unborn? Please examine your conscience and shift your stance on the abortion issue. Your actions involving the life issue thus far are not admirable. You claim that government should not interfere with family affairs. By approving laws that will remove restrictions on abortions, government IS interfering anyway. The government has a DUTY to protect all its citizens. Shame on the people who use rhetoric to justify the dehumanization of unborn Americans. All Americans deserve protection under the law, including the most vulnerable: a child growing in the womb. There is no HOPE for a nation that does not honor human life. I am not alone in my opinion, but would speak up even if I were.

Loren Christie

This rant is OFFICIALLY over, for now. Read more here:

Okay, maybe it's not over yet. Now I'm going to steal my mother's catch-phrase. I just have ONE more thing to say:

Here's a REAL picture of hope. This first-time mom had quintuplets despite hardship and health risks.

Here's what she said:

"These children are blessings from God," said Malual, who comes from a family of a devout Christian. "He brought them to me, protected them through all that time. So for the future, I think I must live day by day. God will provide."

Click below to read the story of this ordinary hero.


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Well said!

Tony said...


Aly @ Lip Zip said...

You have a powerful voice! Very nice job on this post and your Email.

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