Sunday, February 07, 2010

Why My Letter Will be Read

I wrote in a previous post about an email letter campaign I'm starting for human rights for the unborn. This is why my letter will eventually be read if I send it every day (see video below). Here's my letter again. Won't you join me?

Dear President Obama,

Please address this question: If it is illegal to destroy an eagle egg, why in America is it legal to destroy a child in the womb?
Please reconsider your position on the life issue. It is not just a question of women's rights, it is about granting human rights for the unborn. There is room in our Constitution for both.

Loren Christie
New York


Koala Bear Writer said...

Are you serious - it's illegal to destroy an eagle egg, but not illegal to destroy a human baby? I mean, that egg might not even have a chick inside it!!! We live in a screwed up world. Good luck with your letter campaign!

Loren Christie said...

On the fourth day of sending my letter via the White House email contact form, my email address suddenly becomes invalid. ????! So I use another address.

Loren Christie said...

Tried again today, my email went through.

Dear Internet Traveler,

Welcome to my writer's blog, started about six years ago for fun. Over time, the writing I have posted has ranged from personal reflection, to Long Island history research, to tall tales for my own amusement, to feature articles for local newspapers. As you can see from topics listed here, I travel in many mental directions in regard to interests. Click on the tabs and labels to explore my strange mind which senses that you may be having a criss-cross day. If so, perhaps this blog will distract you. However, please note that if you tell me my blog is beautiful just to get me to advertise rhinoplasty surgery and cheap drugs from Canada in your comment, I will ask the gods to give you a tail that cannot be concealed.


Loren Christie

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