Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Perfect Mom Thing: Hey, I Tried

Attempting to be a "Mommy Extraordinaire" I bought one of those pre-made ginger bread haunted houses. Just a few squirts of icing and I'm supposed to look like this super mom chef who can bake. Or not.

That was a waste of fifteen dollars. I guess they don't make pre-made gingerbread houses like they used to, because the walls wouldn't stay up. I tried everything: extra icing, jellybean pillars, wood glue. Nothing worked. So we took one picture, (below), before the ghost of Big Bad Wolf blew the house down, (above). Then we ate the walls. Shortly after, when the kids went upstairs for the night, they bounced on their beds for an hour until the candy corn wore off. I had a really bad headache from the sugar. You think after 33 years of life I'd know the equation: sugar = head rush, but I still can't control myself. I'm just an older kid.

Case in point, I know what I'm going to be for Halloween, the same thing I am every year, an angel. (Leave me alone, I can pretend!) The real kids are dressing up too. Big Brother is leaning toward being a Pirate, but just informed me that another boy in his class plans to have the same costume. "A boy wearing the same costume as another boy in the SAME class is a Halloween fashion no, no, Mama." He says, pointing his finger in the air with authority. I can't wait to tell my husband that our oldest son is showing signs of becoming a male fashion reporter when he grows up.

Can you guess what the princess will be? The same thing she is every other day, "Snow White." Baby Bigfoot is going to trick or treat as a frog. I'm hoping his cuteness gets me some pure chocolate. (How pathetic am I?) Baby Bigfoot has added a little something extra to his costume. He's a frog that ROARS! NO, I'm actually not one of those parents who thinks it's cute to confuse little kids. You can blame Fisher Price for this one. His "See n' Say" toy is broken, and it's now funny enough to leave in the batteries.

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Romy and Andrew said...

I am praying that my in-laws believed me when I said that Page really, really, really , really loves Hershey's Special Dark.

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