Friday, January 23, 2009

My Life As Norman Whiskers: Turf Wars

Now that I have become thoroughly acquainted with my new domain, and its inhabitants, I'm feeling QUITE bold. It is not clear when I will be able to sneak into the attic again, as my governess is watching me closely, and reporting my doings to my Lady on the half hour. I must admit, although I think this little teacher is very charming, and I'm sure she is very knowledgeable on many subjects, she is irritating me.

Right now I'm in the middle of a ballet lesson in the dining room. My governess is showing me the difference between a good tandue, and a bad tandue, followed by a rond du jambe. I swish my tail in passive-aggressive refusal to practice the positions.

"Really, governess, when shall I ever find myself on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House, as a ballerina? WHY do I have to learn this?" I'm whining.

"Don't be ri-dick-oo-lus, Mr. Whiskers," she replies, not at all shocked by having a conversation with a cat. (Children do not think speaking animals are peculiar.) "You never know when a show might happen. Your grandmama could be over the house and she might say to you, 'Mr. Whiskers, let me see your beautiful dance moves.' Then, you have to do your show." My governess starts to twirl, arms extended, to complete her demonstration performance.

I run for the living room entrance, a part of my new turf that may grant me some rest from tiresome lessons.

"Ah, that's more like it." I say, yawning and stretching my paws out in front of me. I've found a comfortable velvety brown chair to lounge on. "I must say, this is RATHER LUXURIOUS!" I shout, not believing anyone is nearby.

Oops, but I am mistaken. The human my Lady is fond of, Milk Man, is standing by the front door putting on his coat. He looks over at me, surprised. I wait, frozen. He picks up the portable phone and presses a button.

"Loren,... I'm downstairs. Did you just speak on the intercom? Okay. I must be overtired. See you tonight. Love you."

I stay frozen as he replaces the phone to its charger. Milk Man and I lock glares. Then he challenges me to a verbal cat fight in English.

"Listen up Norman," He says, leaning down into my face. "This furniture is a lot more valuable than you are. Scratch Loren's grandma's chair and you're done. I'm talking about your journey across the rainbow bridge, my furry friend."

My hair stands up and I can feel my whiskers twitch. I, Norman Whiskers, a.k.a. Comet, a.k.a. Sonny Sharp Teeth, a.k.a. Bernardo Bigotes Grande, will guard my new turf AND my Lady against this dangerous un-neutered male who has challenged me to a battle. I will use a human weapon: THE TONGUE!

"I beg to differ, MILK MAN!" I whisper in my most evil English tone. "My Lady is quite smitten with me and her devotion far outweighs her attachment to any seat of some kind, or even, I dare say, ... YOU!"

My last spoken word trails off into a growl, and Milk Man's eyes grow wide. He opens the front door, and without taking his eyes off me, pours out the contents of his insulated coffee mug. He touches his forehead, and finding it not feverish, shrugs and leaves the house.

I settle back down into my new throne and lick my paws, as is my custom after a brawl. I consider this a turf war WON!


-Norman Whiskers


Putz said...

DO U KNOW THAT NOT ALL PELOPLE like dogs and cats. my shell [dil ]just made a comment on how her kids always got bit from our sandy...i contend that is a lie.... i don't remember her biting....she did snap if they threw her off the couch or something, but never bit... i am not invited into my dil's house because of the dog...sad that my grands life has to be affected by her...also owie my grand boy said" boy i sure do hate your dog 'and thEN KICKED AT IT...LOVE and life is hard

Putz said...

p.s my 25 randomn thoughts are all on my comments on the other stories bog about my dog sandy...the first blog unless i have posted agin, and then not

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Norman, I agree with your governess, that you never know when dancing lessons may come in handy. After all, there could be some cute girl cat around somewhere who would be quite impressed with a few groovy moves.

melanie @ don't expect much said...

LOL That was hilarious!

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